Inktober Day 10: Fortune

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Art Blog! I'll be sharing my art process in my entry for the tenth prompt of Inktober - Fortune. What I decided to draw here is a tarot card reader fortune teller. It was supposed to be a crystal ball but it was hard for me to paint the crystal ball so I changed it to tarot cards which I think could also guess a person's fortune.



I want it to have a kind of creepy vibe so I decided to paint in greyscale which I could also take as another value study. I started with a sketch, I made it as simple as possible because I didn't want to spend lots of time again just doing a sketch. Then I used the lasso tool to select and fill it with the base color.



From the sketch up to this point, I drew it in 32-bit Krita because I thought it would lessen the lag I've experienced in past drawings, I thought the problem would be my laptop but downgrading to 32bit didn't solve my problem at all instead krita kept getting crashed. After the third crash, I uninstalled it again and installed the 64-bit (the latest version) and my problem was solved😄😆.



Going back to my process, after I filled in the base color I separated the base color for the hair clothes, and skin. I then painted the shadows the bigger ones or the landmarks I avoided going directly with details. Then I started rendering the face and her neck which I enjoyed the most. Then proceeded with her clothes which was a big challenge for me. I just throw some shadows and use lighter values to form the wrinkles of the clothes.

I added more details to it, I drew the flying cards and blurred them to create a sense of motion. I also utilized the blur brush on her face to make her skin smooth. I also created a color dodge layer and used a lighter value to paint the highlights and here is the final result...


Thank You for reading💖

💾Software: Krita
📙Reference here