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Hello friends! my dear community!!!

Hellooooooo! How are you today?

I was preparing this yesterday, but I was feeling a bit unwell. I've caught a virus; since I woke up, I felt a lot of throat pain😥😥😥 I went through the day somewhat normally, although I felt different compared to a regular day. When the night came, I did have a fever, so I decided to rest and leave it for today.

I have done some commissions over these years. I have tried to collect them all, but I lost some on the laptop. Still, here is a large percentage of them. I used to think that maybe it wasn't the right time to take commissions because I didn't have the right level. What was that level? Well, perhaps to do something decent. Despite my nonsense, I managed to complete several things. Here I show you and tell you about my experience with commissions.


An unexpected Harley Quinn


If I'm not mistaken, from my memory🤔, well, no, I'm not🤣 this was the first commission I received. To this day, I don't know who the person was. Suddenly, one day, I received several emails in which they told me many things. They liked what I did and wanted something, something that I could do. I felt some fear because it was strange; it came out of nowhere. Years ago, it was scary and there were robberies, and now it's worse. If you're not careful, you can lose 🙄😥😥😥 That's not cute . Well, I've heard many stories, and I had rejected several offers to create something because I'm a bit foolish, but I did it, and, in fact, I'm still doing it. I usually don't open anything that seems suspicious, even if it looks very tempting. That has allowed me to miss many opportunities, but still, I feel calm, haha. It's weird, but oh well.

After several attempts, I agreed to do what he wanted. It wasn't so easy because I had done Harley before, but at that time, I hadn't done two characters together. With the help of my sister and her boyfriend, they served as models for me to have a reference for the position and other details.

Despite my fears, everything went great. The guy was quite kind. I've heard cases from some colleagues that clients can be grumpy or something 😱😱😱 but it's good that I haven't had any experience like that. He was happy, and so was I!😝😝😘...


A bad experience brought an opportunity nueva

Ragnar copia.jpg

I met some people in two different projects. One was a contest, and the other was an NFT page. The truth is that these people came together and were creating something new and alongside some illustrators, we created various things.

In my case, I contributed with four desings for them. In particular, the communication was neutral to good since I didn't have any issues with them, although with other guys, it was a bit more complex😥....

Now that I think about it, I don't know what they did or if they finished what they were planning 🙄but I completed what they sent me👌🥳😅.

The version I made of Ragnar wasn't so bad, but looking at it now, I think it could have been better. Despite some good details, there are others that might be a bit strange and could be improved. However, that's how it turned out at that moment, and they agreed with it👍.


Regarding the details in the costumes of the characters in question, there is indeed a care and texture in them a bit more pronounced than in the other drawings for that moment. The Berserker would come in second; it has some good things there. There are some good details to rescue, like the bear skin, the overall attire, the skin with some tattoos, and the blood, which was my best part.

Something great about that work is that, of the four characters they asked me to create, I liked them all. In other words, you don't always create things that you may like or excite you, that you feel might be better in another way, but well, with this guy, everything was great because between opinions and points of view, we reached a good point, and those types of characters really moved me😊😘😘😘😅👌.

Of all of them, my favorite was the medieval archer, yes, he was the best. In my opinion, the others aren't so bad. In fact, I really like the Vikings; their history and such capture my attention a lot. However, in terms of the drawing's result and the experience I had, the archer was something new for me. He was the most complex; I had to add various elements. It wasn't like the others. Here, I had to depict a kind of battle, something I hadn't done before, but after studying a bit more and having a reference source to develop my work.

TrizDraw Medieval Archer.jpg

This design had several precise details that I liked, such as the mesh, the dirt, and some other little things in the clothing. I like the boy's face; I don't know, but it seems to me that it turned out well, hahaha. It sounds a bit crazy, but there was a bit of fear with these four characters, and that's because they were all men, and I didn't used to draw men. In fact, now I don't draw many men, although compared to before, I do a little more, hahaha. So, this face, body, and everything else was a great find for me, hahaha.



chico cazador copia.jpg

Some time ago, tbh I don't know how this whole story with @loryforg's friends started. If I think about it now, well, I don't come to any clear conclusion; I don't know exactly how it began. One of the members told me about the project they were working on, which was about a game.

They asked me for various things, and from those initial designs, I could find these. I know there's another one that was also on this list, but no matter how much I searched on the computer, I couldn't find it. It must be on the laptop. I have a vague memory of a scorpion or something like that, but I'm not sure🙄🤣.


Looking at this desert snake, the memory of the scorpion becomes more vivid. Sometimes it's challenging to remember a specific drawing, not just from this game but from all the ones I've done throughout my journey, especially if they are old. There are so many, haha!

Among these initial designs is the one above, which is a hunter. Something cool about these guys, well, I don't know them all, but I talk to two of the members, and one is the one who gave me the descriptions. That part is great because the descriptions in the document were quite accurate, and if I had any doubts or ideas regarding the creative process, he was very approachable 👍😊 That was great because the communication was very good.

Triz_Draw copiaiiiiiiiiii.jpg

Well, let's continue...

There was a moment in my story with the folks from @loryforg when I proposed making 2 characters, and one of them is this little creature here, which is like a sea monster. The person I was talking to accepted it, so great. I don't know if they ultimately decided to use it, but I gave it a shot, hahaha. At that time, it seemed cooler, but now that I see it, if they forgot about it, it was the best decision 😝 lol .

After those first characters, some time passed, but I wasn't too far away because one of the members is someone I also consider my friend. I always talk to him.

In summary, those initial designs were what kicked off my story with the @loryforg team, which brought the arrival of the heroes😘🙈.


TrizDraw copiaiiii.jpg

The heroes arrived unexpectedly. One day, with a message, they mentioned that they had in mind 12 heroes who would be the main representatives of each character's race. I said, "Oh, that's great, of course!" At that time, I was a bit slow in creating the drawings, and I also wanted them to look good, with nice details. That took me some time, but I appreciate the reception I received for the result.

There is no specific order, I didn't want to arrange them like that, but we'll get there eventually. Of course, among all these, there are some that are my favorites, favorites for some reasons. One of them is the mermaid. To be honest, when Manu handed me the script, I said,"A tail? A leg? How does that work? It was funny because I even imagined the movements. Although it was a bit strange for me at first, as I progressed with the design, I liked it more. She's a mermaid, that's a point 🥳😘😍😅 second, because she is different from any mermaid I have done at least that already made her great because she is unique. I like her colors, hair, and the details😘😍.

Cíclope copia.jpg

Of all the designs I created, the one that gave me the most trouble wasn't creating it; that was the easiest part. It was figuring out how to represent what it was, how to fit it where it belonged, and making sure it didn't look like something else. This cyclops was a giant, and it was a somewhat complicated task, but I think I managed to make it look giant. Two friends helped me with their opinions on what I was doing, and with one, I got a clearer idea, while the other helped me pinpoint some flaws that I could improve.

I really like this character because it has a certain Viking warrior vibe or something like that 😂😝 . It has many tattoos, a bit of pain that is insignificant to her because it doesn't hurt her much and more. I also think it's one of my favorites. I don't have a ranking, but it's selected.

halconno copia.jpg

I had some fear about certain things in some characters because they were things I hadn't tried before, like Furries. It's a bit silly, but I don't have much or practically any experience with that type of characters. And in these 12, there are 2 that are practically characters with animal features, which generated some concern for me since I didn't have much experience in that realm, hahaha. The hours to create them were long, including this friendly Bard who, at first glance, seems like he doesn't do much, but his singing is quite interesting, as they tell me, capable of taming a large bird of prey.

As time passed and I developed the other designs, I didn't have as much fear as before. I had a bit more confidence. Manu was quite attentive to my doubts, opinions, and more, so that's greatly appreciated.

trisz d copia.jpg

I've seen several tigers in games like MTG or LOL but I never created a character from scratch with those feline characteristics. In fact, when working with colors, I drew Ajani but it was with a reference just like that🤣🙈. That's why I say that furries and I are both connected and not connected, meaning we're not so compatible. It's like my relationship with chibis; they don't turn out well no matter how hard I try. For my mental health, I set it aside, even though I find them very cute. It bothers me that I can't create them well, hahaha.

I had several doubts about how to handle the fur of this lovely feline, but after a while, I figured that out. They were happy, and so was I.

I made some changes later on👍👍😅


I think one of the things I liked about those heroes is the great variety of races, so to speak; all completely different. They were not only men and women, but in general, they were practically different, the majority of them. Well, as a devoted lover of fantasy, I enjoy them a lot. There's one that never fails, and those are the Orcs; they are simply fantastic. At the time, this girl was fine; in fact, some time later, I made some changes to the lighting. Previously, everything was a bit darker, which wasn't bad because it was like a more nocturnal atmosphere, but changing that lighting made it better.

Paladín copiii.jpg

Generally, I'm not the type of person who claims that everything I do is the best and perfect because, quite simply, it's not. There's always room for improvement. Yes, indeed! Not just with this design, but with others as well. As time passed, I looked back at them and thought, "Hmm, something could change." I made several changes, perhaps not radical ones, but they did contribute to a better appearance. That was a long time ago; now, when I look at them, as much as I like them, I can still keep changing things. Hahaha, an eternal journey that never ends.

One thing I did with these heroes is that I tried to detail things as much as I could, so they all looked like they were created by the same artist. I'm not sure if I achieved that because I made some of them later, and as time went on, I was improving a little more, so they might appear a bit varied in terms of quality.


Another character that I really enjoyed creating was this sexy zombie alchemist. It was something different, but in the end, that combination worked. If I'm not mistaken, these were some of the last designs I made at that time, so I had a bit more experience in terms of details compared to the others. I liked a lot that, even though it had a somewhat dark vibe, the combination looked sexy. Not bad at all, haha.

Trizdraw copiai.jpg

Just like with the demon girl, at the time, I also made some tweaks to the first version. The time it took allowed me to improve other things. She's a quite interesting demon, and this, along with others, were the causes of my first challenges with colored skin. Ah, I used to dread that; now, however, I have some respect for characters with different colors like pink, blue, green, and others. I'm still learning how to create them.

Triz_Draw copiha.jpg

Elves are among my favorite characters, and this one, in particular, is one of them. Right now, I look at it and think it could be improved; that's normal. Still, it has its charm. Perhaps, of all of them, it's the one where the details are least noticeable because it's smaller. However, if you look closely, you'll be able to appreciate several little things. Let me tell you, these artists are quite creative. I need to improve to measure up.

trizdraw ibi.jpg

Things that are learned over time and that add more experience to our journey.

As among the characters, an angel cannot be missing, here is the missing angel. In fact, with this guy, it happened to me just like with the mummy I made this year. I spent 80% or 90% of the time doing golden things and the remaining time on the rest. I wonder why I put so much gold on him, but well, he deserved it. I think he probably lacks something; those big and heavy armors look interesting.

Triz_draw copiaññ.jpg

I had some experience with dwarf characters. In fact, I had created a few, not all full-body, but at least I had an idea of what they were. The details in the descriptions were quite good and accurate, as I mentioned. That is to say, they had a fairly clear idea of what they wanted, and I just had to bring them to life. I don't particularly recall any complaints about something I did, or, as some friends have told me, clients often want to change things constantly. I had no limit on changes. In fact, with none of the commissions I've done, I have imposed a few or no-change rule. I have been quite flexible and well, they haven't asked for exaggerated changes either🥳🤣😅 .

TrizDrawm iiiii.jpg

To conclude the Heroes' journey, although this is not the end with the folks from @loryforg, there are still pending things that you will see in due time. But this one closes the cycle of these heroes. As I mentioned before, every man I drew here is a discovery for me; I'm not an expert at drawing men, but I liked the results.

I believe that from every experience, one can extract both good and bad things that serve to improve. Regarding working with the guys from the game, I have no complaints; they are very good. However, concerning my own work, there are several things to highlight. Creating these 12 heroes helped me a lot in improving what I do. Although there are things or details that I can improve at this moment I am happy with what I did, and they are pleased as well which is great.😍😘😊


The love shared for Gaia

TrizDraw cop.jpg

The beginning of the Gaeas was not a commission; it was a contest to which @elamental, with a message in a post, invited me to participate. In fact, that contest was happening while I wasn't here in 2021. I was away for a while, and what were the chances that he had of me seeing that message with so much time away? But he left it there anyway, and as I say, the universe brought us together, haha! I saw the message by pure chance, and in fact, there wasn't much time left to finish.

I really liked the theme and what he wanted, which were drawings about elementals. In my case, I have an affinity for Gaea and how she can be represented. So I said, why not? Let's give it a try! With this drawing, I wanted to capture what it is, what @elamental likes: that simplicity, naturalness, spirituality, his love for music. These were things I could feel from him, and I wanted to depict them in some way with those details. In addition to placing Gaea's elements, I added the sun, the moon, the universe, some musical notes.

TrizDraw d.jpg

What I could perceive from this guy is that he is a quite interesting person with whom I share some tastes and views. In fact, I learned several interesting things while we talked. That allowed me to see that he was the right person to create the story (I'll tell you more later). He has the ability and knowledge to develop an idea, a story, or explain why each thing is the way it is and there is a reason.

Gaea by trizdraw.jpg

After the contest, I created 2 more Gaeas for him, and of the 3, my favorite is still the one that is kneeling. It was a design that I enjoyed creating a lot because some time before, in my sketchbook, I had sketched something similar related to climate change. I made some changes to that sketch and adapted it to this idea.

In fact, I like many details in this drawing, including the owl, which was one of the things he wanted exactly as it is. I was delighted to do that, so I just enjoyed the process as always until the end.

To conclude the topic of the Gaeas, this was the last of them. It was a bit smaller than the others, only the torso, but it also has its charm. There are some small details that you can observe, like the musical notes. Although the head is fragmented, it has the ability to function perfectly. There's something that all three girls share, and it's the third eye (eye of wisdom). It was a nice detail.


The story of Voltero Envisaetherius

Voltero Envisaetherius copia.jpg

I don't know if you got to know the game Hash Rush, but someone invited me to participate in their contest where they were creating a hero that would serve as the foundation for a new character in the game.

Well, I gave it a try. The only thing missing was something crucial, and that's when @elamental made his appearance. I had several ideas for the story, but I asked for his help to see if he could develop it better since, based on what I had observed of his work, he would surely be excellent. So, together, he improved the story and suggested a unique name (which, btw, is something funny that happens to me with some character names - they either resemble others or are identical to them). The name he proposed, in addition to having a story behind it and a reason for that name, was perfect, as I mentioned, unique.

I worked very hard to complete this design on time. The downside of this experience is that, until now, the prize has never arrived, and in fact, I think the project is somewhat paralyzed, so hopes are already dead. Despite having a bad experience with the members who breached the signed contract, still, well, everything happens for a reason, and in fact, this also opened the doors to the 4 heroes of the second title. If I hadn't done it, those 4 wouldn't exist.

Thanks to everyone for watching my post, and have a happy and beautiful weekend







Until next time!!!

I hope u enjoyed what I shared. Have a great night and thank you very much for taking the time to view my work.

See you soon😘





𝖂𝖍𝖆𝖙 𝖉𝖎𝖉 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖐 𝖔𝖋 𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘?

𝕴 𝖜𝖔𝖚𝖑𝖉 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖐𝖓𝖔𝖜 𝖞𝖔𝖚𝖗 𝖔𝖕𝖎𝖓𝖎𝖔𝖓

𝕺𝖍𝖍𝖍 𝕭𝕿𝖂

𝕴 𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖐𝖘 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘

𝕱𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖒𝖊 𝖎𝖋 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖜𝖆𝖓𝖙


𝕾𝖊𝖊 𝖞𝖔𝖚 𝖘𝖔𝖔𝖓 𝕳𝖎𝖛𝖊!




Esto es un libro de personajes🥹🥰 todos hermosos y muy bien trabajados, algún día viviré la experiencia de comisiones múltiples 😍

Muchas gracias cariño! Sii! Pronto, pronto!.😉

Impressive and magnificent work, @yanes94. You're a master (and mistress) of the craft.

awwwww thank you very much honey! I'm glad to see you here! I appreciate you seeing my work☺🙂

Vaya viaje, se nota que has mejorado mucho con cada pieza y cada cliente. Que bueno saber que las historias de clientes felices son mas que las que tuviste problemas!

un plug in de un deseo personal. Yo quería que me comisionaran personas y también hacer una colección como esta, pero a mi me falta mucho trabajo aun.

Muchas gracias me alegra verte por aqui, disculpa por tanta escritura hahah.

Si , la verdad es aes la mejor parte ya que no tuve esos problemas de los que muchos se quejan porque no es una situacion tan linda.

btw tu arte es lindo con unas lineas muy prolijas, no, no no, eso me decia y sigo diciendome tambien pero creo que esta mal pensar asi, aventurarse, aprender y asi vas avanzando!

Muchas suerte!

Your works are really impressive, I was looking at several of them in detail, especially those of Gaia, which I found masterful.

Every detail in every character is incredible, like for example the energy, the powers, the expressions of the faces.

It's an impressive work you do, I really wish you the best of success!❤️

Omg I really appreciate your words Amonet, you are very pretty, it makes me very happy that you have seen my journey!

The Gaia are quite special pieces for me and it makes me very happy that you appreciate the details I made in each of them.🥰🥰😘😘😘

They are absolutely beautiful, you are a great artist, admirable!🤗

Dedication to the art of drawing can be seen in how your work is processed and over time it gets better and becomes beautiful art

Thank you very much honey! I'm glad to see you! your art is very good!

Yes, exactly, I see some that I made previously and they look a little strange ahahha and I see a lot of errors like that as time goes by

Thank you again for the compliment too 😘, yes I do too when I look at old pictures I made so they look really ugly ha ha.

Me alegro mucho que te haya ido tan bien Yanes! Yo todavía no me apunto en tener comisiones.

Gracias cariño! ohhh pienso que no han sido muchas ya que he perdido varias ofertas hahahahah pero si ha sido muy buena experiencia.

Te deseo lo mejor para cuando te apuntes a las comisiones.