Roman Warrior

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Greetings Hive!!! Triz here!!

Good afternoon almost night dear community, I hope you had a nice weekend and I wish you a good and productive beginning of the week.

As promised, here you have my third character I made for the project I talked about in my previous posts.


For this work I was asked to make a Roman Warrior, as with the previous design I researched about the clothes, military ranks of these warriors, weapons, shields and possible positions of battles... after all that I had a clearer idea about them and the symbols they used and from that I set out to create the sketch that below you will see.

I hope you like it. 😘

Some images of the process

Step 1️⃣


  • It had been a while since I created sketches this way but for this work I wanted to retake this technique that I used a lot some time ago, nothing pretty I just wanted an idea of how I wanted it.


Step 2️⃣


  • In step 2 I made some adjustments to the position, instead of a sword I made a spear but later on I changed it lol... I also gave more shape to the shield I had made.


Step 3️⃣


  • Here I rearranged my character again, I wanted him with more perspective and as I said I changed the spear for a sword.


Step 4️⃣


  • After so many changes and being satisfied with the position I started to shape the body of this warrior and started to put the chest armor and half detail the sword.


Step 5️⃣


  • Here began the color party as I began to place it and give the details and shapes to the uniform and also began to work on that helmet characteristic of the Romans.

Step 6️⃣


  • As you can see in this part I started to detail everything better, the skirt, the sword sheath, helmet, cape, sandals, and armor.


Step 7️⃣


  • Here I started to work on the background, the clouds and the battlefield behind this warrior, in addition to finish detailing the things I mentioned in the previous step and I also worked on the shield and those shapes or symbols that they always carried.

Step 8️⃣


  • As he is a warrior I thought it was a good idea to put some arrows stuck in the shield, he was being attacked by the enemy, and I started to shape the face... I also changed the color of the background that I had put in the previous step.


Final result 😘

Triz draw Wr copia.jpg

In the final part I made the sword hand, detailed the sword and the rest of the armor and behind it I put his legion ready to attack.

With that my work was complete... I hope you like it and tomorrow I show you the last design "for now" that you asked for.


These are the last drawings 👉🏼😘👈🏼

 ❄ Ice Pixie

 😶 Portrait

 😬 Quora

 😋 Goblin Chef


Tell me, what did you think of all this? I would love to know your opinion.

Ohhh And if you have reached this point, I thank you very much for taking the time to read me 🤗🥰😉.

See you soon Hive 😏!


Me encantaaa!

hehehehe gracias mi vida, me alegra verte en mis post. 😘😘😘


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Awwww thank u dear Max, I'm glad you saw and liked my work. 😘

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Es taaan hermosoo el brillo de la armadura ♥

Gracias mi querido gatico, aprecio mucho tus comentarios. 💞🤗😘

What a fantastic work! I really really liked it.

That's great!!! Thank you very much for viewing and supporting my work and I am very glad that you liked it. 💖

i got the thing for Warriors, this one is super cool ! :)