Groundhopper on the wall

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Good Morning everyone from my side of the world. Hello macro Photography Community member, how are things going in your area? Have you managed to find some insects for your macro shots?

It has been sometimes that I go out and take macro shots recently since I am still a little bit busy at work. I don't have time to go out, and I think this month I might not be able to go on a macro adventure.

Luckily that I still have some shots that I have not yet posted here on the hive, and have not yet had time to edit them. I think I might be adapting a little bit later this month or next month so that I still have content to post on hive.

I should learn from this groundhopper that was found on the wall. While the name suggests this kind of insect lives in the ground, this one could also go up on the wall, maybe in search of food. : )





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LocationBali, IndonesiaLightingExternal flash
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I bet your photos are great, too bad I can't view them.


I guess ecency server is having a problem. I think it is being resolve at the moment. : )

there where some server problems should be fixed now


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that is an odd shaped grasshopper / ground hopper never seen something like that before

we have quite a lot of them, especially in the mossy area. but they blend very nicely with the surrounding, make them a little bit hard to spot.