Seeing the Limpan looking after her child!!!!!

good morning friends, just be safe, and enjoy this week's holiday, where you have been doing a lot of activities for a while, and today is vacation time and enjoying a short time to be able to play and be with our family, of course. It's great to be back again with animal macros which I will share in a moment.

yesterday was also a holiday and I took time to clean up or in other words I was working on a small garden beside my house, and to avoid a number of things including small animals which I have small children and for that reason I also made gardening reservations.

there were several times that I saw small centipedes in the bushes that I was cleaning, and it was different from the spleen that I wanted to share with all my friends there.

Centipedes are carnivorous animals that can sting and emit poison from their mouths to paralyze their prey. This animal has 15 pairs of legs and varies in body size, which is around 2.5–18 cm.

Centipedes generally thrive in dark, damp places, such as bathroom drains or under plant pots.

Centipedes are not animals that like to attack humans, but these animals can bite and inject poison when they feel disturbed or threatened. For humans, the bite of a centipede or centipede can be very painful. The bigger the centipede, the more painful the bite will be.

From some of my shots you can see, where this spleen is with its children which still looks white in color and is still within reach of its mother, and several times when I was confused I saw a very dangerous reaction.













And some of the shots made me a little worried, and I haven't moved the spleen yet because I didn't want to disturb him who was there and I continued in other areas to clear the garden land that I want to work on, my plan is to plant several types of plants, from chili, cassava leaves, corn, and also long beans which I will buy the seeds of later when I can exchange these hives.

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