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Welcome to Justice League. A community for all people passionate about justice and liberty.
The goal of this community is to create a constructive environment where you can share your ideas.

  • Great minds discuss ideas;
  • Average minds discuss events;
  • Small minds discuss people.

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  • Justice is not a new idea.
  • Justice is what everyone wants.
  • Justice is on the tip of everyone tongue.

We all have innate abilities and we can achieve incredible goals when we're willing to use them.
In the cartoon world, Justice League is a team of people who have the ability to take action for justice.
Who’s Justice League in our real world?

Justice League Unlimited is just a name that reminds us that there's no limit for the number of people who can take action for justice, especially in times of injustice in which people who choose inaction chose the part of injustice.

This community is for all solution-oriented people who know we are Justice League in our real world.
Every problem has a solution. We can solve our problems only when we want more than problems, not when we conform with our problems, so this community is not for complacent people. With no action we solve no problem. Inaction only allows our injustice to continue.
The compound effect means the effect of our choices gets compounded over time.

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Inaction only help us compound our problems into even bigger problems. So it only helps us create an even more negative world.

  • How do you feel in a negative world and how do you feel in a positive world?
  • How do your children feel in a negative world and how do they feel in a positive world?

The idea to take action for justice is not even my idea. I just try to do my part in protecting our freedom. You can find what other people think about our challenge from other communities that address our real challenge of protecting our freedom.
We all have innate abilities and we can achieve incredible goals when we're willing to use them.

To protect our freedom, all we need are ideas for actions we can take and the willingness to take action.

Are you sure?

Don't worry. There's no limit to what we can achieve when we keep walking in the direction of our goals.
Instead of limiting our challenges, how about we challenge our limits?

Justice is a general word. It can refer to multiple matters. Here are some specific examples:

Example 1:

There are people who share education about health. Thanks to their educational programs, in several days, you can have basic education about how you can preserve your health. I myself share education about health, as i believe it's better to prevent health problems than to cure them.
The good news is that most health problems are preventable with proper education.
How come we don't receive several days of basic education about health in 12 years of education system?
The fact that after 12 years of education we're uneducated about health might be an example of injustice; especially in a world in which the government cares so much about our health, that it offers us free vaccines.

Example 2: Speaking about vaccines,

Israel already uses a green pass for leisure activities for vaccinated people. And our leaders consider extending the green pass to many more countries. So far nobody stopped them to extend their measures to 1 year. So
What makes you think, they won't extend it beyond leisure activities?

Are you sure it's a good idea to set a vaccine as a condition for our freedom of movement?

Don't worry. There's no 100% safe vaccine. They all have health risks. All the more, an experimental one for which there’s no long-term safety data.

How do you feel about a world in which our freedom to choose to refuse a health risk implies limited freedom of movement?
Freedom conditioned by a health risk might be another example of injustice.

Example 3: Speaking about risks,

CDC says the mRNA vaccine instructs our body to make a harmless spike protein. Fortunately we have access to more information about the harmless spike protein. After you know more information about the health risks of the harmless spike protein, you can better decide how harmless it really is. This is only one example of health risks unknown by vaccinated people despite the fact it's available information. The list with examples can go on for a while.
One of my relatives got vaccinated. When i asked an opinion for health risks the answer was:

  • I don’t know all the health risks.

Of all vaccinated people how many people would have consented should they have known all the available information, including,

  • all the known benefits, no prevention for infection, no prevention for transmission.
  • all the known risks of the vaccine, including the fact there's no safety data for long-term health risk since there's no long-term safety trial.
  • the actual risk of the decision to not be vaccinated?

How about you? How do you feel when your loved ones have uninformed consent for health risks?
Did you know uninformed consent is medical malpractice?
There's got to be a reason for keeping information about known health risks hidden, especially in a system that cares about our health. Mass medical malpractice might be another example of injustice, especially uninformed consent for a medical act that can cause death.

Example 4: Speaking about consent, some people say:

  • I do not consent.

Good luck with that. What kind of social life do unvaccinated people have when our social life is conditioned by a green pass?
How do you feel about living in a world in which you have to choose between being antisocial and being vaccinated with an experimental vaccine?
Some people still think

  • not consenting (inaction) with the vaccine is an enough solution to solve our injustice, or
  • we have plenty of time to solve our injustice.

We already

  • hear in the news that people who question the governmental measures are terrorists.
  • have to choose between being a terrorist and blind faith: accepting the theory of the government uncritically: without questions.

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Our challenge is to help people use their critical thinking despite the fact that in our current world critical thinking is a crime. What an epic challenge and what an epic feeling we can experience by overcoming it.
So far, with our carefree attitude, we already reached a point where critical thinking (questioning the status quo) is a crime. So i let you decide how much time we have until a point of no return.
How do you feel in our current positive world in which you have to choose between being a nonthinker and being a terrorist?
The criminalisation of independent thought might be another example of injustice.

You can write in this community your own article in which you continue this list of examples as long as your article is solution-oriented.

Unless we take enough action to protect our freedom, your children might ask you:

What action did you take, when you had the opportunity to protect our freedom?

Justice is not an obligation.

It is a choice.

  • We either protect our freedom now,
  • Or you'll have to think later at an answer for your children' questions.

Being accountable is inevitable.

  • The sooner we solve injustice the better.
  • The more we remain in inaction, the bigger our injustice becomes.

It's up to you to choose what kind of world you want to create for yourself and for your children, from now on:

  • a more negative world in which injustice gets bigger, thanks to your inaction.
  • a more positive world in which injustice gets smaller, thanks to your actions.

Question everything, including my articles!

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Don't let some unproven theory intimidate you.
We still have access to information about our reality.
You can study it and you can share it. Stay close to each other. Stay united.
Remember, you're awesome, you’re powerful. We still have a chance for justice, as long as we create our chance. Only that, liberty and a more just reality require more responsibility.
Justice League is not about me. The actions of 1 individual don’t change our world.

Justice League is about all of us

Only together we can overcome a challenge that affects all of us. The more people take action, the more effective we are.
How can people take action for overcoming our challenge, without being conscious of it?
You already know my opinion about how we can be more effective in helping people be conscious of our challenge from my blog.

Obviously, that's only 1 aspect of our challenge. Once people are conscious that we're not heading in the right direction, we can move on to the next step and create a better direction. I'm sure i'm not the smartest one so it's up to all of us to come with ideas for the multiple aspects of our challenge:

  • helping people be conscious of the injustice of our current direction,
  • helping people be conscious of a better direction.
  • helping people be conscious of actions we can take to get closer to the right destination.

Without a better direction we don't reach a better destination. Also it's good to know that most people are complacent. They're ok with the current direction and they don't want to change. Without being conscious of the necessity for changing the injustice of our current direction, people will remain the same, as remaining the same is easier than change.

  • Without consciousness of our current injustice there's no will for justice, for a better direction.
  • Without will there's no way. Only when there’s a will there’s also a way.

Taking these steps out of context won't help. Without a holistic approach we won't achieve much justice.
What’s this community about, after all?

This community encourages creativity

What do you think? Do you have ideas for solving the aspects of our injustice?

  • You can create articles in which you share your ideas,
  • You can share your results i.e. how many people you helped be conscious of our reality and how you achieved your results, so so the rest of us can inspire from your achievements.
  • You can socialize with other solution-oriented people.

You can share your solution-oriented articles on MeWe and Discord. MeWe is a social media with no ads that also has a messenger function.

For suggestions you can contact admin.

It would be my pleasure to see you all here and use our abilities to create a constructive community in which we discuss constructive ideas.

To make sure we keep this community constructive, you can mention in What way your ideas create results for justice.

And of course, we're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect.