Koala Savings Giveaway Result

in Pixel Tycoons3 months ago

Not too long ago i announced a new game release on a peakd post. And at the end of it, there was a giveaway, not tagged but for all those that genuinely wanted to read the content, it could be found!

The post of the giveaway can be found HERE.

Thank you all for joining the HIVE and our Community here.


Koala Savings

The winner of this NFT is .... @abidhar1

screen recording from the wheel of names can be found on this TG post

TXN link

I am too wasted to compile a better post. Thank you all for participating and i hope to see you in our next events! (there will be !PIZZA hehe )


Dear @funkaclau,
Your support for the current HiveBuzz proposal (#199) is much appreciated but the proposal will expire soon!
May we ask you to review and support the new proposal so our team can continue its work?
You can support the new proposal (#248) on Peakd, Ecency,

Hive.blog / https://wallet.hive.blog/proposals
or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!