PT New Game Release - Koala Savings

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Pixel Tycoons

First PT GameFi Experience

Release - 9th December 2022


To play this upcoming game, you need to hold any of the Game Keys listed below. There is no benefit in holding more than one. In case more than one is found in user wallet, the selected will be the rarest one by default.

This Game Bot will suffer different updates, and its commands and rewards will change in time. It can become a perpetual game mechanic, although at the moment it is envisioned as a Limited Time Game Finance Experience.

Game Keys

Koala Savings
Check Template on AH

Check the Drop

1 Claim per account - Max Claimable = 100
Exclusive to KPASS holders
First 30 Copies have Huge discount - 50 $KCHAT
Remaining - Cost 150 $KCHAT 

Koala Bets - Max 10
Check Template on AH
Can be obtained by upgrading Koala Saves with 1 Eucalyptus Cookie.

Blend here
Koala Bets is 2.5% Faster than Koala Saves

Koala Shines - Max 3
Check Template on AH
Can be obtained by upgrading Koala Bets with 2 Eucalyptus Cookie.

Blend here
Koala Shines is 5% Faster than Koala Saves

Game Flow

This game is pretty straight forward. Register your wallet address with command /wallet and you any of the Game Keys are held, the command /cookie can be used.

Prizes, Rates and Surprises

Every user holding one of the game keys listed above can use the command /cookie every 60 minutes. This command has 5% chance of earning you 1 Eucalyptus Cookie NFT, automatically sent to your wallet. The circulation cap of the Eucalyptus Cookie is 220 Copies.

Eucalyptus Cookie

The Eucalyptus Cookie can be staked at our first WaxDao NFT Farm. Each Staked Cookie NFT yields 0.0033 wax every hour. This Farm starts off with 2000 WAX for rewards which will last until the end of the Farm Expiration Date - 31 March 2023.

Apart from the WaxDao Farm, users will be able to use their Cookies as a food source in any PixelTycoons Game that requires Calories to play, yielding 600 Calories.


All the players that support the KCHAT/WAX LP at Alcor, have a 3% chance to earn another PixelTycoons NFT on every /cookie command. This chance may trigger, regardless of your /cookie command result, meaning that you can earn up to 2 different rewards with 1 command.

Once all 220 Eucalyptus Cookies had been distributed, the cookie command will only have a 3% chance of yielding 1 surprise NFT, exclusive to KCHAT/WAX LP and Game Key holders until the first Game Expansion is released which will happen before the Expiration Date of our First NFT Farm.


1 Koala Savings will be raffled among HIVE Community

How to participate?


  1. Join our Community on Hive
  2. Comment this post with your wax address and share anything you want
  3. Add the TAG #pixeltycoons to your comment (IMPORTANT).

If you complete all 3 requirements, you are on the list of possible winners!

Result will be announced on the 8th of December!

Thank You for reading!


Excited for this!


Welcome to the HIVE!

Wow you joined the HIVE too!!! yay : )


Nice update let's go

Glad that you joined hehe!


Welcome in, mate! !PIZZA

I’m looking forward to this mechanic 😊

LaserEyedWatcher joined us all the way here!!! Welcome : )


Can't wait to play this too .



Glad to read it : ) !PIZZA

Nice to see the collaborations and expansion of the PT game. This game has been getting steady updates and the fun has only gone up since i joined.

@abidhar1 the lagend has joined!! Thanks for your review too!


I just now realized you used me as your referrer!

much !luv bro!

Thanks for the kind words! You know PT for quite a bit hehe
Welcome to the HIVE : )

Can't wait for the drop! Nice collaboration with the Kchat community. My wax wallet address is: galacticyoda #pixeltycoons

Thanks for Joining! !PIZZA

Good luck and thanks fro your latest post! I think its time PT users start making a living network : ) and !PIZZA parties more often!

I can wait to try this game. #pixeltycoons

Thank you for joining : )

You just missed adding your wax wallet address!

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

Love the new game and can't wait to play!



Some !PIZZA for you dear! Hope you write us 1 article one day <3

Thanks for participating @bizmummy here is some !PIZZA for you!

Uhhhh, just hope to be one of the firsts of the drop!!



!lolz gotta stay sharp. I think it will go fast : )

Seems like no lolz as of now, so you shall get some !PIZZA too! Nice party going on here :D

Welcome in : )
You deserve some !PIZZA too!

🍕 PIZZA Party!

I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
funkaclau tipped umeshtechyt (x1)
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funkaclau tipped nftmagichest (x1)
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pixeltycoons tipped abidhar1 (x1)
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pixeltycoons tipped umeshtechyt (x1)
pixeltycoons tipped nftmagichest (x1)
funkaclau tipped hatdogsensei (x1)
pixeltycoons tipped otterwav (x1)
pixeltycoons tipped bizmummy (x1)
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