Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass

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This is exactly what the mainstream institutions of this world are doing.

They’re doing it when they tell you what you should think.

Or how you should feel.

That's what they're doing all of the time.

That's why everything is so flashy.

And shiny.

And colorful.

Especially on networks like CNN and Fox News.

But it's also all of the other mainstream institutions.

Don't think for a minute that it's just the news propaganda that is blowing smoke up your ass.

Oh, no, my friend.

They're all doing it.


For example, a lot of the “New Age” teachers blow lots and lots of smoke up your ass.

So, what’s the best way to tell when this is happening?

When they're always trying to say something to make you feel good.

No matter what's going on in your life.

No matter what's actually happening in the world.

If they're always talking in soft cooing tones, like someone who's trying to calm you and make you feel good, then you know they're blowing that smoke.

They're waiting for you to bend over and take it from behind.

And that's exactly what the dark occultists – masters of human psychology who run things behind the scenes – think of you.


That you have no capacity to think for yourself.

And if they just keep telling you lies, but speak in soft and pleasant tones, then you're just going to keep accepting it.

And you know what?

They are correct.

Because most people accept their lies and bullshit.

I, for example, could do the same thing.

I could blow a lot of smoke up your ass, too.

I could say: “Hey, things aren't that bad.

“We're not really living in slavery on this planet.

“We're actually free.

“And you can be as free as you want to be.

“You just have to make a lot of money.

“And here's how to make a lot of money!”


That's another thing:

A lot of these entrepreneurs – coaches and consultants – they're also blowing a lot of smoke up your ass.

The way I would summarize this is:

It is to get you to buy into some form of religion.

I've talked about religion extensively.

What they're doing is they're selling you a set of beliefs.

They're selling you, lies and bullshit, as though it were a delicious plate of food.

I often refer to the dark occultists as masters of human psychology.

Because they understand that people always will gravitate naturally toward what makes them feel good.

And they will tend to avoid what makes them feel bad.

It's just a natural human tendency.


However, when we operate only in this way, then we're little children.

Because we're never going to actually face the consequences of our life.

We're never going to face the real challenges of life.

We're always going to be running away from them and seeking pleasures.

They want people to be like that.

Because a simpleton – someone who doesn't have an evolved consciousness – is much easier to control.

And it's much easier to get them to buy into a religion.

So that is why they need to continually blow smoke up your ass.

Because they know that that's, what's going to make you feel good.

And that's, what's gonna make you want to open your wallet.

And also open your mind and buy into all of these belief systems, no matter how erroneous they are.

That's how they keep selling the lie – over and over and over again.

I could just as easily have taken the path of blowing smoke up people's asses.

I could have done that.

Had I done that I could have been making a lot of money.

Certainly a lot more than I'm making right now.

And this is true for most people who doing the great work of helping people learn the truth.

We make a lot of sacrifices.

I made a lot of sacrifices.

Because I'm not going to blow smoke up your ass, no matter how much money it can make me.


If someone offered me a million dollars, I wouldn't do it.

If someone offered me $10 million, I would still not blow, smoke up your ass.

I would still not get on here and talk about lies and bullshit as though they were true.

I wouldn't do it.

If someone offered me a hundred million dollars, I would not do it.

And even if someone offered me a billion dollars I still would not get on here and talk bullshit and blow smoke up your ass.

Because I value the truth much more than I value money.

No amount of money that I could earn is worth being a liar and a cheat and a fraud.

Or being a slave.

Because when we propagate lies we are supporting and encouraging the continuity of the enslavement of humanity.

We are definitely in a state of enslavement.

I've talked about this over and over again.

Go watch some of my previous videos about natural law, about taxes, and about the police.

I have made sacrifices in order to get this word out.

There are really only a few things that I value in life.

The most important one is the truth.

The truth can be very offensive.

The truth can hurt.

It does not always feel good.

Probably even most of the time.

By definition, I can't be someone to get up here and lie and bullshit and blow smoke.

That's not congruent with the truth.

As much as I value truth, I also value freedom.

And the only way to become free is to understand what is true in this world, embrace it, and act in harmony with natural law.

Natural law is in effect – just like gravity is – and is inescapable.

If we want to live in a free world, where we, as a species are free, then we have to embrace the truth.

My part in that would be to get on here and talk about things that people don't want to hear.

So frankly, I probably lose subscribers and followers.

Many people don't follow my work because of that, but I don't care.

That's not what I value.

And that's not what we should value!

As humanity, we should value the truth.

We should value freedom.

We weren't born into this world to be enslaved.

That is not our purpose in nature.

We came here to be free.

And if we are currently enslaved – which we are – then our work here is to understand what it's going to take to transform our current state from one of slavery to one of freedom.

And that's what I've dedicated myself to doing a hundred percent of the time.

But, hey – you don't have to listen to me.


You can go listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a great example of someone who knew how to blow tremendous amounts of smoke up your ass.

He was a master at blowing smoke.

Or you could go listen to the anchors on CNN or Fox news.

They're going to blow tons and tons of smoke up your ass.

All the talk show hosts, all the media celebrities…

they're all going to blow a tremendous amount of smoke.

Until your ass is actually hurting.

They do it because it makes you feel so good that you just open up your wallet.

You’re like: “Here's my mind.

“Here's my heart.

“Here's my soul.

“Just take all of it!

“Here, take my soul and crush it into 10,000 small little pieces.

“As long as I can feel good for a few minutes, it's worth it.”

This is just tragic and pathetic.

That's really all I can say.

It is tragic and pathetic.

And I actually want to be more offensive.

One of the things that I've realized about myself as I've gotten more and more into this work is:

I don't think I'm offensive enough!

I feel like I still hold back.

And I actually want to be less like that.

I want to be more in people's faces.

Especially people who are immoral.

People who don't understand the objective difference between right and wrong behaviors.

People who think that it's okay for certain people – we call them rulers or the government – to actually be the masters.

And for us to be their slaves.

They put us under duress 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They coerce us to act in ways that they want us to against our free will.

And if we step out of line, they use violence – assault, murder, kidnapping, trespassing.

These people are sick.

They're psychopaths.

The fact that people actually buy into their lies is exactly because they are masters at blowing smoke up people's asses.

They know how to press all the psychological buttons to make people feel good.

Meanwhile, the government continues.

Slavery continues.

The police and the order followers continue to cause harm, violate natural law and destroy people's freedoms.

They even send their own children deeper and deeper into slavery.

But Hey!

They're blowing smoke so you can feel good.

If you're someone who just wants people to always make you feel good, all I can say is:

Good luck with that!

And please stay as far away from me as possible!

Because, unfortunately, we have to share the same world.

And I personally intend to live in a free world.

So I'm not going to be blowing smoke up anyone’s ass.

If anything, I'm going to be more offensive.

More in your face.

I'm going to talk more openly about Right Livelihood, for example.

I'm going to talk more openly about people like “tax accountants:”

Bad People!

Tax accountants are bad people because they feed the system of enslavement and theft of property through their work.

I'm going to be more in people's faces like that.

I'm going to be more offensive.

Specifically to people who condone all this bullshit.

Bad people, who condone immorality.

People who don’t know how to stand up for their fucking rights.

They don't know how to stand up for themselves.

They don’t know self-defense.

They would be dead in a heartbeat if they were in real danger.

Because they don't understand how reality works.

Nor do they understand the objective difference between right and wrong action.

They don't understand that there's only one moral law in nature.

All manmade laws are complete and utter bullshit.

Man-made laws can only either concur with natural law, or they can contradict it.

If they already concur with natural law, then they’re redundant.

We already have natural law.

So we don't need to say the same thing twice.

And we certainly don't need some kind of man-made decree to declare what is a right.

That is already built into nature.

Just like we don’t need a law for gravity.

Man-made laws change all the time - as they’re based on moral relativism.

The only other case is when man-made law contradicts natural law.

In this case, we absolutely must throw it away.

We must not obey the “law.”

Because it's completely immoral.

And per natural law, if we obey immoral laws, there's only one outcome that we can get:


It’s the outcome which we have right now.

Slavery, as government, enforced through violence and coercion.

Manifested by the police and the order followers.

What is the one true moral law?

That one law is:

Don't steal.

Don't steal other people's life, rights or property.

And since all rights are property rights, we could even shorten that to say:

Don't steal other people's property.

Which includes their life, the rights that they were born with – rights like freewill – and their physically acquired rightfully owned property.

That's it.

It's one fucking rule, people!

One rule.

Don't steal other people's shit.

Don't steal their property.

The flip side of that is:

If someone tries to steal your shit, you need to defend yourself.

That is also part of being moral.

I would also add one other condition:

When we see other people conducting evil – harming other people – then we have a moral duty to step in and either say something or do something.

Otherwise, we’re tacitly approving of their immorality.

So it's that simple.

I'm not going to blow any smoke up anyone's ass.

I'm not going to make anyone feel good.

If anything, as I said, I’m going to be more and more ruthless.

Because that is exactly what it's going to take for more people to wake up to the truth.

That is exactly what's going to be required for us to live in a free world.