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Rosa Koire is deeply missed as the research she did is needed more than ever today.

She bravely warned us of what was coming, and now that it has come, we can honor her memory by stopping it from reducing us to penury and starvation. As the oligarchs that control the centralized industries that deliver the blessings of civilization use that control to increase their own wealth by taking ours, we need to seize the means of production to stop that from happening.

But we don't need centralized industry to do that anymore. Today decentralization is the cutting edge of technological advance across every field of industry, and those most vital to our prosperity, food, power, security, housing, and etc., are amongst the first that have become available for us to deliver the blessings of civilization our felicity depends on.

Aquaponics, solar, wind, hydro, geothermal power, 3D printed firearms and far more modern security mechanisms, 3D printed housing, cobb houses, and more, are all available today to each and every one of us. The power to deliver the modern technology we need to prosper happily are more and more available to we ourselves to make those things and provide to one another those services in individual households and small communities.

We don't need to be enslaved to overlords anymore to be civilized. Let's make our wealth in freedom.



Decentralization has been the answer to avoid a top down enslavement.. But there are always going to be people who want to be in control. USA started out with a limited gov"t that unleased a prosperous nation.. Problem is how to get back to where we started..

Thanks for your concise and thoughtful comments valued-customer ...