Object classification: Safe

Special containment procedures: a 5 meter fence has been built around SCP-0001-HV in area 33, no team member is allowed to interact with the object unless they have a special permission level 4.

Description: SCP-0001-HV is an ancient tower built in Iraq discovered in 1940 in the province of ----- what was formerly part of Babylon. SCP is built mostly from granite, marble, and ----- which is a rock that exhibits unusually high radioactivity.
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Anyone who stays within SCP-0001-HV will suffer its anomalous effects and this instance will be called SCP-0001-HV-1.

The first and most striking effect that the instance will go through after the first 15 minutes within SCP-0001-HV is that it will gradually lose the ability to understand words in its own language.

If the subject is removed from SCP-0001-HV the subject will have completely lost the ability to understand their language forever.

If the exposure continues, the subject will begin to show problems understanding the words written in their mother tongue. Similarly, if the exposure continues, the subject will have completely lost the ability to understand their mother tongue through speech and writing.

However, the subject will still be able to speak in his mother tongue but any attempt to communicate with the subject will be useless because the subject will say that he is unable to understand what is being said.

After a half hour of exposure with SCP-0001-HV, the subject will have problems articulating words in their mother tongue, and sometimes they will begin to change the words for unknown words, the subject is not aware of this and the test subjects say they feel normal and not notice changes in their speech.

All test subjects who have reached this point and been removed from SCP-0001-HV still exhibit the ability to learn other languages ​​and sign languages ​​in order to communicate with subjects when they have lost the ability to understand their mother tongue.

If exposure to SCP-0001-HV continues after 45 minutes, the test subjects will begin to completely change all the words they say. These new words do not correspond to any language known to mankind.

If the subjects are removed at minute 55 of SCP-0001-HV the subjects will have completely lost their mother tongue and all new words will correspond to a new language.

All the new languages ​​of the test subjects have been mostly deciphered as the test subjects still have the ability to learn new languages ​​in order to explain their own. Subjects who have served 60 minutes or more in SCP-0001-HV exhibit language that changes every second.

The tests carried out indicate that the test subjects change the name of an object each time they are instructed to name it. When the researchers point to the object and say the name that the test subject previously indicated, the subject will change the word of the object again.

This is why the new languages ​​of the test subjects are impossible to decipher as they change all the time. Attempts to teach new languages ​​to subjects who reach this point are futile as they have completely lost the ability to learn new languages.

The subjects exhibit behaviors of despair and many have committed suicide due to the anguish of not being able to communicate with anyone. CT scan in the test subjects have shown that the brains of the patients show alterations in the area ---- and a shrinkage in the lobe ----, subsequent analyzes have shown a clear deterioration in the cerebral area responsible for the language and unusual activity in --- on the right side of the brain.

All tests with SCP-0001-HV have been stopped so far to carry out a more exhaustive analysis of the origin of SCP-0001-HV which is conjectured that it could be the ancient tower of Babel.

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 4 months ago (edited) 

SCP-0001-HV has been brainwashing and depressing Class-D staff for a long time.

Anyone exposed to the SCP-0001-HV object should receive a Class -B memory erase vaccine. If our staff unable to control SCP-0001-HV, we may need to classify the object class as Euclid by decision of O5 Council.

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