The more I watch Sheriff David Clarke the more I like him

The more I watch Sheriff David Clarke the more I like him. The damage done to race relations that Obama made during his presidency ended up empowering radical left wing identity politics and victim culture.

Now we want this crap in Britain?

No thanks! Go Trump!

Boris pull your finger out mate and enforce covid laws equally or you will just look like a complete bottlejob.

BLM desecrated the memory and sacrifice of our war dead on the anniversary of D-Day. People who fought and died putting a stop to the racist German war machine. Don’t let the sacrifices for our hard won freedoms go to waste.

If you don’t sort this out Boris you WILL push more people to racism and extremism. Identity politics never works out well, history has taught us that much.

Make civics a mandatory topic in school curriculums, teach kids our rich and varied histories, the good and the bad. And stop shoving that LGBT indoctrination down our kids throats.

Time to get your priorities straightened and EXPOSE the black lives matter movement for the lie it is.


They might've taken down the video because the link now redirects to youtube's homepage.