Wow!!!!!!!! The ballsiest video I've ever seen. Your passion, frustration, anger, love... It erupts from this video, The feelings come flooding out of the screen. The messages is intense. Wasn't expecting that level of realness. Mind-blowingly unfiltered. In a world where even the truth tellers have self tempered themselves from whip lash. Your message unlocked the flood gates of the forbidden emotions. Heart racingly good. Video. Thank you. I pray wisdom, strength, discernment, and protection over you. God Bless.

Ive never seen so many racists in one video. These BLM are like the KKK in the 70s, 80s.
This isnt even all of it. You have their branch founders call for the extermination of the white race basically labeling white people as subhuman.

This shit has gone too far and everyones scared to say anything.

The Churchill thing i dont agree with. Statues glorify individuals and he is a war criminal. He is a war criminal without any doubt for what he did to Dresden.

You can appreciate some of the things he did, as should we all, but when you build a statue youre glorifying the whole package. History books are there to record his deeds, statues are there to glorify the person.