If it all goes to shit, where can you ALWAYS find Tommy Robinson? Hive.

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This is Hive. It used to be called Steem. For well over two years Tommy Robinson @tommyrobinson has been active here and all his work is backed up here.

UPDATE: 20:30 GMT - I will delegate 10 Hive Power to all who join up but some will have to wait till tomorrow.

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If you want to join Hive, follow this link. Or read on to understand what Hive is and why it's different. This is another great way to get an account: sign up with a twitter account on Leofinance. This is another great way to get an account: sign up with a twitter account on Leofinance.

It is now obvious that none of the mainstream platforms are safe for dissidents in the west. It is also clear that entire dissident platforms like Parler can be erased overnight from the Web (and of course their iPhone and Android apps memory holed at the same time). They're coming to get entire TV Stations like NEWSMAX and OAN kicked off the entire cable system.

Telegram has been Good but they're under pressure now and are deleting "calls to violence" in order to avoid the App Store ban hammers that the fascist left is screaming for.

Hive is very different. There is no HIVE INC. or Hive Ltd. No corporation owns it, no corporate offices, no HR department, no "Trust and Safety Committee", there is no server farm in a building, no mass rental of computers from Amazon. Hive is built on a blockchain which is maintained and processed by hundreds of computers run by hundreds of people all over the world. Many of these are anonymous.

Pretty much everything you do on Hive is public. Everything you like (vote for) and follow is public. While Hive does have protective systems against spam and the worst abuse of the system, your account can not be deleted. Ever. It can't be taken from you.

This is Web 3.0. Decentralised and resistant to censorship.

There are multiple ways to see the same data, this gives Hive tremendous power. If any front end is blocked or taken down, we can create two more. My favourite for general use is PeakD.com, for cryptocurrency related news, leofinance.io is growing quickly. The core site is hive.blog. 3speak.co is the Hive video site.

All of these give you the same content, with a different look.

There is already a Tommy Robinson community but it has never really been promoted.

Tommy Robinson Community PeakD
Tommy Robinson Community Hive.blog
ommy Robinson Community Ecency

  • Ecency has a mobile app that works well.
  • PeakD works reasonably well in a browser on a phone.

Sign up, come to the community and introduce yourself. You can remain pseudonymous here. Just be aware that spamming, plagiarism and abuse isn't tolerated and be aware, deleting posts is not really possible. You can edit and hide content but it always remains on the blockchain. Whilst you and your posts can't be deleted, they can be hidden if you misuse your account.

Using Hive is easiest when you've installed something called the Hive KeyChain extension in Brave or Chrome. Hiveonboard site has some instructions and you can use the link below to sign up. Hit the Get Started button.

If you want to join Hive, follow this link. This is another great way to get an account: sign up with a twitter account on Leofinance. This is another great way to get an account: sign up with a twitter account on Leofinance.

Finally, most of this was set up by me, @brianoflondon, and anyone who joins with this link I'll power you up with some "Hive Power" to help you get started. As Hive becomes easier to use, I think this is going to be an important site. You can get in early and even if adoption takes a while, you'll know where we can all go if things go really bad in the short term.


Hey saw this on telegram and I agree - Hive is like 90% decentralised - more than any other platform - this is a blockchain that is much harder to censor.

It gets more decentralised every year as more nodes are added and stake gets spread out. This is still early days for hive.

Cool. Made it. :-)

Since I left Facebook years ago, I know: the next social really big "thing" in the internet can only be based on blockchain. I will not invest my time in anything else, because if they can take it down, they will take it down. We've been there.

Trump said it today: Snowflaking around speech is not who we are. 😎

This post answered my question about censorship. Still exploring. Our ability to speak our minds without our elites' dictation is paramount for the ultimate emergence of truth.

This is one of the most resilient platforms in existence. It already survived one money attack and grew stronger.

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