Memory lane .

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Walking down memory lane I remembered how dad bought my little brother a kid tricycle and how he rode on it during autumn, Jackson was a loveable child.

This picture reminds me of how children can add to the beauty of the family, babies are precious gifts and parenting is never an easy task.

As much as I was the first child, I represented my mom and dad when they weren't at home.

I would play with Jackson, and feed him with the meal mom prepared before leaving for work.

We would walk to the park and then, I would help him on his tricycle as riding on it gave him so sort of satisfaction, he would chuckle and honk all around the park.

Today, Jackson is a big boy and yes we both walked down memory lane while we set our eyes on this picture.

Well as for the tricycle, we gave it out to the less privileged child in the hood, because we wanted them to feel the joy of childhood even though their parents couldn't afford them.


The memories that we bring as children are like a kind of gasoline that moves us today to move forward.

Yeah, they are so priceless, thank you for visiting.

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I wonder if the eldest ever had the joy of riding a (tri)cycle.

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Maybe they did, how will they know?

Jackson now giggles when he remembers just how he struggled with the bike few years ago

It's good you gave it out to the less privileged, super thoughtful of you

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Beautiful memories! ❤️