#ZapFicMonday - entry for prompt "introduce"

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After years of worrying, providing, nurturing, investing and of course loving - this was hard to swallow. Was I losing my sweetheart? Who was taking her away? Could he be trusted?

He appeared at the door.

"Dad let me introduce my boyfriend."

This is story is my entry for the #ZapFicMonday contest to write a story in 240 characters or less on the prompt "introduce"

A big thanks to @felt.buzz @zapfic.club and @itsostylish for running and providing the prizes for this contest.

My short story this time is inspired by some life events I have been going through recently. Who the hell is he?

Image source: Pexels


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You are not loosing your sweetheart, she's right beside you.

Yeah, I know. It's still hard change to work through and get my head around. But the bond of love is strong.


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Love is a great thing.