Dream beautiful love

in Freewriters6 months ago


I want your dreams ,
to be free of nightmares.
May every dream be filled with love
of joy and blessing.
I want you to sleep smiling
And may your smile be happy.
Dream beautiful Love,
dream of me
And may your dreams come true.
Of a life full of kisses, caresses and peace.
Dream all night long and wake up day after day
And you can see your dreams
become wonderful realities.
May there be no thorns in your dreams
but wonderful roses.
A kiss is invading your dreams.
It's invading everything, you can't sleep.
But it will be a wonderful awakening .
That will make you smile.
So dream beautifully .
That everything is coming to you.
Beautiful, beautiful, slowly.
And you'll be eternally happy.
You receive your dreams with infinite joy.
Sleep, sleep peacefully love,
So that you wake up happy.
Dream beautiful love .