Friend, I trust you with a secret

in Freewriters6 months ago


Friend, I trust you with a secret,
which I hope you will keep well,
so that no one finds out
and it stays just between you and me.
I like a handsome boy,
the one who goes out with your friend,
your best friend since you were little girls,
unaware of my feelings.
I'm so in love with him
I don't live anymore, I don't think anymore,
I only know that I love him so much,
much more than my boyfriend.
I know he'll suffer if he finds out,
if he knows that I think about someone else,
that I've stopped loving him,
because my heart asks for it.
I don't like to hurt him,
but I can no longer avoid it,
my heart is already alien to him,
now my heart is for another.
I trust you, my soul friend,
only you know my secret,
keep it inside your soul
and no one will ever know...