Make me feel sensual

in Freewriters6 months ago


Your lips, like brushes, draw passion,
Running over my body, with heavenly sweetness,
Each caress, a verse in my heart,
Make me feel sensual, in your sensual embrace.
In the dance of our united souls,
The music plays, in perfect melody,
Each movement, a shared caress,
Make me feel sensual, in this symphony.
You are fire that burns in my veins,
The flame that in my body never ceases to burn,
Your presence ignites all my full passions,
Make me feel sensual, in the ecstasy of losing myself.
Open the doors of my hidden desires,
You are the breath that ignites my passion,
In your arms, my fears take flight,
Make me feel sensual, in this union.
In every moment that I share with you,
I feel the flow of passion in every beat,
Your beautiful presence invades my being, my heart,
Make me feel sensual, in this infinite love.


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