You are present

in Freewriters6 months ago


You are present, in every corner,
Of this room that envelops me in its embrace,
Your soul, your essence, in every sigh, in every song,
Impregnated in my skin like a sweet ribbon.
In the air, your memories dance,
Kissing my cheeks with their soft touch,
And on my lips they turn into verses,
Whispering your name with sweet rapture.
The moonlight caresses my bed,
As I sleep in the night of solitude,
But you, my love, are never quite gone,
You're still here, in my dreams, in every reality.
In every glance that meets mine,
In every sigh that escapes my breast,
I feel your presence, like a ray of joy,
That fills my being, that calms my spite.
Your love surrounds me like a soft mantle,
It embraces me in every step I take,
And even though you're physically gone, you know,
That in my heart, you will always be today.


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