Agnes and Henry - #freewrite - Prompt 'Ten Bugs To Eat'

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It was a brilliantly sunny day.

The birds were singing and the wind was blowing ever so slightly that you could just here the leaves rustling as it whistled through the tree tops.

All in all it was an idyllic day

Agnes and Henry always went for a daily walk about this time.

They loved to stroll through the park and see all the activity that was happening..
There were people cycling, sitting on benches, and having picnics on the grass. It was always a hive of activity.

Agnes particularly liked to see all the people having picnics; Henry wasn’t so sure about it. He didn’t like ants and Picnickers always brought ants.

Agnes always laughed when she saw Henry running around shaking ants of himself.

That particular day there was a young boy with a whole heap of balloons, he kept shouting to his mother.

Look Mum, If I jump up in the air, I can float. and indeed it was true. Every time he jumped he would stay hovering above the ground, just for a short time, but it did look like fun.

Over in the far corner just near the fountain was the Ice Cream Truck.

Henry wanted to head there straight away; Agnes was still enthralled by the boy and his balloons. Henry had to tuck at least 8 times before Agnes would follow.

They reached the Ice Cream Truck and were able to find just the right ice cream that they liked. Both Agnes and Henry devoured their ice cream in record time.

They looked at each other with loving pleased eyes that only a couple that had been together for quite some time could do.

As the sun became lower in the sky, Agnes was worried that it was getting quite late and ushered Henry into a shady spot. Just underneath a big old Oak Tree in the eastern part of the park.

Both Agnes and Henry loved this tree, they had watched it grow taller and taller over time and were very pleased that this park favored large trees. It provided shelter and shade for them when it got too hot.

*Agnes * said Henry, do you think that it is time to start thinking about Dinner.

Oh yes said Agnes, what do you feel like today.

Well, said Henry, I actually feel like 5 bugs each would suffice.

That’s 10 Bugs altogether said Agnes, do you think you can carry that many.

Of course said Henry as he started to burrow around the roots of the Oak Tree.,

Aha,he said, Jackpot, look, here is ten bugs to eat all in the one spot.

They scooped up the bugs and then quickly scampered back to their little burrow over by the Oleander bush, where they settled for the evening enjoying their meal of 10 Bugs before falling asleep in anticipation of the next day.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest



So sweet. You had us fooled to the very end :)

Thanks for the encouragement @mariannewest :) much appreciated