Bedraggled Cat - #freewrite - prompt -' Castor oil'


Dawn had been going Bald for some time now.

This would not have ordinarily bothered her, but she had been going onto an Online dating site and had met a prospective Beau.

His name was Charlie and he looked like he would be a very nice gentleman to share some days with.

Because of her baldness, Dawn had posted a picture of herself with a wig on, and this looked like she had a full head of voluptuous hair.

Now that Charlie was about to appear on the scene, she needed to do something about it. Charlie certainly didn’t suffer from baldness and she didn’t want to disappoint.

Dawn looked up all sorts of remedies that would help her hair growth when she came across an article on Castor Oil. Apparently, Castor Oil would promote good hair growth so she thought she would give it a go.

After a somewhat trepiditious trip down to the local shops Dawn returned home with a large bottle of Castor oil,

Charlie was going to be coming over in a week and so she immediately started to apply the oil to her head.

5 days had passed, and Dawn was not seeing any real results. What was she going to do? She applied more oil liberally onto her head and was starting to look like a bedraggled wet cat.

Maybe if I drink some, she thought

The day came, Charlie was due in about ten minutes.

Dawn had showered, put on makeup and because the oil on her heads did not seem to be working, she put on her wig.

Knock Knock. That was him, Charlie was here, Dawn took one last look in the mirror and went to the door. Standing in front of her was a balding man of approximately 5 feet 3

Hello, he said I am Charlie.

Oh, said Dawn, you look different, just as she was saying that her stomach started to rumble quite volcanically,

Excuse me she said, I must dash as she turned and ran to the toilet.

Charlie let himself in and was in the kitchen when he saw the bottle of Castor Oil.

He shouted out to Dawn, I tried that Castor Oil for a while to try and fix my baldness, it didn’t work so I thought if I drank it that it might work quicker but it did nothing except gave me the runs.

Dawn was too busy to respond, she wished now that she had not drunk the oil yesterday and also wished she had purchased some Toilet Paper when she went to the shops to get the oil.

Her supply was very low.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest