Enrico has Swagger - #freewrite - Prompt - 'Broken Nose'

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Enrico knew that he had swagger, he had what it took and all he had to do was make an appearance and Men and Women alike would come flocking to him, swooning at his feet and adoring him.

As it should be he thought

After all Enrico had been taking care of his appearance from as long as he could remember, even in primary school he was always the centre of attention, he remembered getting good grades from his teachers every time, all he had to do was look them in the eye and smile and they would melt at his charm and good looks.

Enrico was now in his thirties and life was not that much different? He could still win favour by flashing this teeth and sparkling his eyes. People would still stop and want to take photographs of him wherever he was.

Enrico knew that he was the most good looking man that had existed, he was a Greek god when it came down to it. He would stand tall, stride into a room and people would just stop and gasp, quickly running towards him for his autograph, photograph and a moment of attention.

He had never had to have any work done on his face , it was what it was and it was the most gorgeous and beautiful thing that Enrico had seen and the most gorgeous and beautiful thing anyone had seen

Enrico never got tired of all the adoring public and absolutely loved the throng that would fall at his feet to worship him. Nothing could get in his way.

It was a Monday when something did.

Enrico was, as always stepping out for the day, it was 11.30am, he had spent the morning pruning and preening and making sure that he was as vibrant as he had ever been. It was a special day because a gathering had been arranged for him to meet with the head of the ‘I Am Beautiful’ franchise.

Now that Enrico was in his 30’s, he wanted to secure a contract where he could be the face of ‘I Am Beautiful. It was a very lucrative deal and he would never have to worry about money ever again.

Enrico headed to the double swing doors that led out to the auditorium where the gathering was being held.

Enrico was used to striding everywhere and people just parting the waves around him giving him free movement.

Enrico reached the doors, swung them open and all of am sudden there was a great yell , People started to rush towards him in a somewhat alarmed manner, they pushed him out of the way, and there in front of Enrico was the Director of ‘I Am Beautiful’, laying on the floor holding her nose glaring at Enrico with a look he had not encountered ever before.

The door still in Enrico’s right hand had a splatter of blood where it had hit the director fair and square in the nose, successfully breaking it.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest

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Oof. AT the hotel I worked at there was a male model who walked nose first into a solid glass window and utterly burst his nose open. Never seen a dude's nose break like that. Hope his career was okay