Francis and her Buggy - #freewrite - Prompt 'tractor'


Francis had been living in isolation for quite some time, Over 6 years now and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

She had gone into town last week and heard that there was all sorts of drama happening in the ‘Real World’ One of the main reasons she went bush.

She only went into town when she absolutely had to, which worked out about every 6 weeks,

Francis would buy enough supplies each time to last her until the next trip.

Her diet was mainly home grown vegetables and fruit, all she would have to buy was rice, beans and flour to tie her over.

Life really was idyllic for Francis, and when she heard about all the kafuffle that was going on in the world she was very glad she lived the way she did, she couldn’t quite understand why everyone was getting so upset about isolation, after all she had been doing it for a number of years now and wouldn’t want it any other way.

After buying the supplies she needed she would hitch hike back out into the valley, there was always someone that would give her a lift and she never had to wait too long.

Most of the Valley dwellers knew Francis but there were always new people moving into the valley.

Francis always hoped that someone that knew her would pick her up because the newbie’s always wanted to know about her and she had gone bush so that no one would know her.

Most of the time she would get a lift to the end of the road where she had her Buggy parked but sometimes she would only get a lift to where the person was going. In these instances she would walk to the end of the road, pick up her buggy and drive back to where her sacks of rice flour and beans had been left. Then she would drive back home.

Francis lived a good 10 kilometres from the end of the road and her buggy became invaluable.

She would load her buggy with the sacks of food , start it up and head down the track towards home.

The last trip, last week she had gone about five k’s into the journey when she heard a noise, she had stopped the buggy and listened, she heard it again, it definitely sounded like a tractor, what was a tractor doing on her track, no one had been down here except her for at least a year.

She had listened more intently, Its coming this way she thought,

She remembers getting into a nervous and defensive mode, getting ready to confront the intruder.

Francis continued on her journey home, expecting to come across this unwanted guest when she rounded the next bend

As she drove around the bend, even more alert, she saw just on the river bank a Lyre Bird

Well I’ll be she thought, your clever little devil. There hadn’t been a tractor on this track for over a year and here was this beauty of nature you mimicking it to a tea.

Francis loved the wildlife out here and she remembers that the Lyre Bird had also switched to making the sound of a chainsaw and then broke into the song of a magpie.

I do hope that I encounter this bird again she thought as she tended her garden



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest


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Lol that was some tractor @improbableliason, and thanks for sharing this nice story of Francis the Hermit, it's awesome.

Made in Canva

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