Good Ole Bo - #freewrite - Prompt - 'Salty Peanut Butter'


The track was quite pretty to walk along with a river to the left and hillside to the right.

Seneca had walked this track often and knew here way like the back of her hand.

It was not far to walk and only took her 2 hours to get to uncle frank’s house.

Mary and John, her mum and dad did not worry too much because they knew that the only other place Seneca went to was Uncle Franks house. And there was no other building in between them.

Even though Seneca was only 8 years old they felt quite ok in letting her walk all that way, she had lived in this remote valley all her life and was always wandering around.

Their trusty dog Bo would always be by her side, he had not once left her.

There had once been a time when Seneca was 3 years old when they couldn’t locate her, they eventually found her near the river, and Bo was standing guard, every time Seneca tried to move closer to the water Bo would stand in her way and even pulled her back if she managed to get round him.

Mary and John knew that Bo would always look out for her, he was always with her no matter where she went

It was a Tuesday and Seneca knew that Uncle Frank would be home, she had set off at about 10am, knowing that she would be there just on lunch time and would have plenty of time to get back home before it got too late.

Uncle Frank looked at his watch, it was 12.15. ahh I better get ready he thought, today is Tuesday after all, he looked down his driveway and saw Seneca coming towards the house, he waved and Seneca waved back, Bo as always was just in front of her and gave a sharp bark as he saw Frank,

Seneca climbed the steps and came inside.

There on the table was a pile of Ryvita Biscuits with a thick spread of Peanut Butter.

Seneca’s mum and dad would never buy Peanut Butter and so Seneca had been coming to Uncle Frank’s now a couple of times a week just for Peanut Butter on Ryvita’s. It was their secret.

I am sorry Seneca, Uncle Frank said, they didn’t have the no salt Peanut Butter this week, so I had to get the salted one.

That is ok Seneca said, as long as it’s Peanut Butter



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest
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