Rare Macaw - #freewrite - Prompt - 'Medicine Man'


The Jungle was an Inhospitable place and Francis had been slashing away at palms and vines for days.

It seemed like she was making very little progress at all

Her team of graduate students and fellow scientists along with their native helpers and guides just seemed to be struggling to get through all this tightly packed foliage.

Francis was wondering if she was ever going to get to see the rare Spoon Billed Macaw they had come all this way to see.

A scream came from the back of the pack and Francis froze.

That’s all she needed was for one of her team to get hurt, she rushed to the back and found Gabriel had fallen into a small hole and was panicking because she felt something bite her.

Two of the guides pulled her out of the hole and immediately everyone could see two small puncture wounds on her right shin.

The two guides started to shout and looked rather panicked.

An old man who had been with then for quite some time came running from over on the left. He was rather dishevelled, had bones round his neck and a huge bone stuck through his nose and he started to shout back at the two guides quite commandingly.

Francis asked Quinton, who was their translator on this trip, 'what are they saying',

'They say that she has been bitten by a Smogging snake, and if they do not do something quickly, she could possibly Die. They called for the old man because he will know what to do'

The three natives were shouting at each other in a frantic manner and all the time looking up.

‘Now what’ Francis asked

Quinton Translated, ‘they are looking for the gumbo tree, they say it is the tallest tree in the forest. The old man needs to find it quickly.

'Ok' Francis said, feeling like she should take charge she shouted 'everyone, start looking for this Gumbo Tree, It can’t be hard to spot it is the tallest tree in the forest'.

Suddenly one of the guides started shouting even louder and pointing just ahead.

'Ahh they have found the tree' Quinton said.

The old man dashed to the tree and started to scale up it as fast as he could go

10 Feet, 20 Feet, 30 Feet and finally reached the top

He shouted down to the two guides below and they both got very excited

‘What’s he saying, what’s he saying’ Francis asked

Oh, Quinton said. Umm, he says that his reception is good up there and now he can look up what to do on his Medicine Man App.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest
Royalty Free Image from http://pixabay.com



Love the photo you found!!!

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Wow this was a great story @improbableliason, never saw that ending coming, thanks for sharing, it's awesome.

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