Time to be out with the Truck - #freewrite - Prompt - 'Round Table'


The evening was fresh and still warm from the day. It was getting late.

This was the ideal time to be out with the truck.

It was hard refuse pick up day tomorrow and everyone had been putting stuff out on the curb ready for the Council truck in the morning.

Some of the piles had already been gone through and most of the metal had already been taken.

Juliette wasn’t interested in the metal really, although some would come in handy, she did like finding old cutlery though as they would make quite good sculptures.

Juliette had been creating artwork for a number of years now and found the Hard Refuse dumping a great source of material to help her with her expression.
In fact it had been quite profitable.

Most people tended to pick through and grab items that could be restored, or items that could be sold off as is, such as copper, steel etc.

A lot of second hand store owners would scrimmage and you would find old bits of furniture etc in their stores after a week.

Juliette though was after quirky things, little bits and pieces that nobody wanted, bits and pieces she could turn into artworks.

Her shed at home was completely full of random things.

This time round she was hoping to find some bits of timber she could use for framing up a new room to her shed. She needed more storage and had found some roofing iron last week, two suburbs over when they had their hard refuse pick up.

She spied a pile that looked promising and stopped the truck.

The pile had a whole heap of 2x4 timbers, most only about 3 to 4 feet long , but she could still use these if she joined them together.

As she was loading the timber into her truck, she saw a flat piece of timber underneath the pile.

As she dragged it out thinking this could be part of a wall, she realised that it was a Round Table top.

She got really excited, she had found round tables before and knew that they made a great surface for painting a mandala on.

Perfect, as she loaded the round table onto her truck she was already picturing where the mandala would go. It would complement the 6 other mandalas she had already created and had a great position as walls in her home.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest



Her house must be quite a place, full of artwork created from other peoples junk. I think I would like it.

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Painting a Mandala on a Round Table is one use of the table top, even if unconventional, but now she was not very conventional at all, thanks for sharing @improbableliason, it's awesome.

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