Free Souls - Original Poem

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We are made of light and darkness,
of love and hate, of joy and pain;
We're born to learn, love and fall,
to heal or hurt, to lose or gain,
live our lives without restraint.

We have a choice in every spark,
we have an inner voice that sings
all sort of notes: a symphony of our path,
an unbalanced mix of frost and flame,
which lays the road towards blessed or damned.

We are not bound by fate or chance,
but by the power of our will.
We stand still and choose to smile
with teary eyes, and patched up wounds.
We can embrace or shun the dance
of life and death, of good and ill.

We are both angels and demons,
a thin line drawn between extremes
of grace and sin, of peace and war,
turning from heroes to villains,
or something else, wanting more.

We are the duality of the soul,
of yin and yang, of me and you,
we are the parts that make the whole.
The question is: what will we do?
What will we leave behind once
we clear up the guilt and fog?

Image by u_6kkuc3z93h from Pixabay

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Lavi Picu is an interdisciplinary artist, currently residing in Montreal, Canada. She is an emerging visual artist who uses painting and poetry as alternative forms of self expression as well as pain management therapy for Lyme disease. She is also the author of four soulful collections of poetry.

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