Heartache - Original poem

in Freewriterslast year (edited)


As he walks through the door,
she's heavy with sorrow,
her heartache is palpable,
it's depth, hard to swallow.

She's had enough of story,
being a second choice;
though she quiets her voice,
trying to fit into this new category.

Tough love or bad luck or
maybe he doesn't give a fuck?
Why would he act as if trapped,
eager to leave as if he'd been stabbed?

It's hard to comprehend,
Why he treats her this way?
This love, so beautiful,
will soon begin to decay.

She longs for love and attention,
but, sadly, it's nowhere in sight,
a girlfriend for the weekend,
her heartache reaches its height.

She cannot go on like this,
always feeling second-best,
the happiness she desires,
will require another quest.

But she can't break the spell
cause she's sunk into deep;
her heart and brain are at war,
her spirit ready to take flight.

She knows that she deserves love,
That is real and pure and true,
and when it comes to her doorstep,
her heart, once again, will renew.


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Sometimes everything we give our best seem to come crashing, I understand her feelings but someday she do meet with the right one for her. A great poem here friend

Usually after each crash, the sun starts shining, doesn't it? Thanks for stopping by!

Yeah, it's always that way

The way you vividly depict the inner turmoil and heartache of the protagonist is truly remarkable.
Thank you for sharing this powerful piece with us.

Thank you for your reading it and taking the time to leave a comment. It's always rewarding to get feedback from your readers. ;0)