Loneliness - Original poem

in Freewriters11 months ago (edited)


When you awake, bereft and alone,
Loneliness grips you, a relentless drone.
Questions swarm your mind like champagne's bubbles,
Each one popping, leaving you in troubles.

Who stood by your side when you needed a hand?
When did they vanish, like shifting sand?
Was it all a charade, a cruel game they played?
A shattered mirage, leaving you betrayed.

Why didn't you question, nor see the signs?
Blind to the fractures, the deceptive lines.
Your senses deceived you, led you astray,
Into a world where truth began to decay.

How could you be so blind, oblivious to the clues?
Were there hints, warnings you could have used?
If they existed, why didn't you see?
What kept you from facing the harsh reality?

You gaze into the past, their faces and pleas,
Unable to discern truth from fallacy.
Was it all genuine or just an illusion?
Caught between doubt and disbelief.

As you delve deeper, the truth becomes drear,
Home will never be the same, that much is clear.
Torn from the comfort of security's embrace,
Left with a bitter taste, love's cruel face.

Days pass by, and familiar faces grow cold,
No smiles, no interest, as their hearts unfold.
You become a shadow, a fading memory,
cause loyalty or blood are a foreign currency.

Who cared that you were the victim of their deceit?
As long as you stayed silent, they'd find no defeat.
Why would they turn against their own bloodline?
Easier to turn a blind eye, put on a mask and move on.

Time erases all, from wounds to cherished bliss,
Hope turns to bitterness, a treacherous abyss.
Despair and grief consume your shattered soul,
Lost belief in love and justice cause pain takes its toll.

You've witnessed its power, devastating and cruel,
Life's unfairness dealt another harsh duel.
What have you gained in this relentless strife?
New buddies: loneliness, bitterness, and lyme life.

A new life, where you you cast the outline,
decide what stay or goes, draw the details,
chose the colours of your cup of tea or wine,
love yourself first, a recipe that never fails.

Photo by Engin Akyurt