Love story- Original poetry

in Freewriterslast year (edited)


In our modern world, where artistry thrives,
A tale unfolds, of two creative lives.
They dance together in the fires of passion,
Their souls entwine, a harmonious expression.

Two artists they are, each with their own voice,
Creating beauty, making hearts rejoice.
But as time goes on, differences emerge,
Pulling them apart, their love meets new blows,.

One is a giver, with a broken heart,
Always providing, of love an endless lure.
The other, a taker, in constant need,
Seeking validation, unable to be freed.

Their desires clash, their visions diverge,
A love once vibrant, now silently fades.
Each day they live in the present's embrace,
No roots for the future, a delicate space.

The giver pours love, a steady stream,
While the taker yearns for a selfish dream.
Their paths intertwined, yet so far apart,
Struggling to find the right way to restart.

It all comes from a good heart,
no intention to let things fall apart;
but things keep on changing and piling up,
the endless rotation gets her fed up!

Words are whispered, but not fully heard,
Emotions muted, feelings left unshared.
Masks and canvases painted with silent cries,
A love story fading, obscured by disguise.

The giver wonders, "Am I not enough?
Can't our love withstand the tempest's rough?"
The taker questioned, "Is there more to life?
Can't I break free from this eternal strife?"

But fate has its say, as it often does,
For love's fragile thread, bound to the laws.
They 'll drift apart, like ships lost at sea,
Their souls yearning, longing to be free.

Yet in the depths of their separate spheres,
They will find solace, shedding silent tears.
For in their hearts, love's embers still burned,
A flicker of hope, a lesson hard-earned.

In the gallery of life, their portraits remain,
A testament to love's joy and pain.
A story of two kindred souls,
Their journey, a tapestry of the heart and mind.

So let us remember their bittersweet plight,
To cherish the love we hold, shining bright.
For in every masterpiece, a tale unfurls,
Of souls longing for love, in this vast, complex world.

Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay


What a beautiful poem. Love is a take and give. I remain to be single because I don't want to settle in a kind of love where the only one fights for it. Both must be if they are willing to make it lasts. This is a nice poem once again.

Thank you for your kind feedback! As we age and move in to our non negoatiable stage where we own who we are, we realize we stopped running and settling, and that we have overestimated others and underestimated ourselves.

That's very true. It's very important to know ourselves more so others cannot make us question our worth.

Part of this poem tells of my relationship. We still love each other but also dream of being apart. Also, I was wondering if you meant to say "piling" up, not "pilling" up? Yes, a poem that could have been written about my life except we will stay together until the end.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on my poem!
I guess we all can relate to it at different stages our relationship. Glad to hear your story goes on. As for "piling", it was a typo. ;0)

Yeah. I figured it was a typo and I was just letting you know so you could change it.