Modern witch - Original poem

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In the realm of shadows and ancient lore,
There lived a woman, modern to the core.
But deep within her, a secret did reside,
Whispering tales of a mystical guide.

In this life, she walked the path of the mundane,
Yet, echoes of power flowed through her veins.
A witch, she was, in lives long gone,
With wisdom and magic she'd once donned.

But now, she questioned her truest essence,
Lost amidst modernity's dense pretense.
Her soul yearned to rediscover the past,
To embrace her heritage, unsurpassed.

In the depth of night, her inner dialogue began,
Questioning her purpose, her forgotten plan:
"Who am I truly? A witch or just a dream?
Can I reclaim my power, tear the fabric at its seam?"

Visions danced before her searching eyes,
Glimpses of conversations with witches wise.
They spoke of spells woven in lunar light,
Of ancient rituals performed in sacred rite.

One whispered tale revealed a moonlit dance,
Where sister witches gathered, their power enhanced.
Beneath the stars, their voices raised as one,
Chanting incantations until dawn's first sun.

Another memory beckoned, a fire ablaze,
Where potions bubbled and cauldrons raised.
Her laughter intertwined with the crackling flame,
As they brewed elixirs, each with its name.

These snippets of her past, like whispers in the wind,
Ignited a flame within her, a desire from within.
The modern woman yearned to reclaim her might,
To embrace her heritage, to shine in ancient light.

And so, she sought guidance from the wise and old,
From spirits long gone, their wisdom untold.
Through dreams and meditations, she sought the key,
To unlock the gates of her witchery.

With each passing day, her powers grew,
Intuition heightened, her connection anew.
The modern woman transformed, shedding her disguise,
As she embraced her witchhood, soaring to the skies.

She danced in moonbeams, her spirit untamed,
Her spells weaved like silk, never to be tamed.
With herbs and crystals, she healed and she cast,
Channeling ancient energies from the past.

No longer questioning her truest self,
For the witch within her soared, no longer shelved.
She owned her power, her ancestry's gift,
A modern woman, a witch, her spirit adrift.

And so, the story unfolds of a woman reborn,
A modern witch embracing her lineage, worn.
She walks with grace, a newfound sense of pride,
Her magic radiating, spreading far and wide.

In her heart, she carries the wisdom of old,
A modern witch, unyielding and bold.
With power reclaimed, she casts a timeless spell,
Embracing her heritage, forever to dwell.

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Lavi Picu is an interdisciplinary artist, currently residing in Montreal, Canada. She is an emerging visual artist who uses painting and poetry as alternative forms of self expression as well as pain management therapy for Lyme disease. She is also the author of four soulful collections of poetry.

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A woman in search of herself discovers abilities she never knew she had, far more powerful than witchcraft, more profound than weaving a spell - Nice work, love the choice of art - I know how difficult it is to find an image that conveys the sense of what you write. I like what you did here.

Thank you for your feedback! You are totally right about finding the image! Sometimes it takes more time looking for one than writing the poem ! 😉