Pomegranate The King Of Fruits

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Hello everyone
Today I decided to share about one of my favourite fruit that is Pomegranate. Basically, this is the "King of Fruits" in my eyes but according to the people they say that Mango is the king of fruits. In contrast, I disagree with them because pomegranate is one of the most delicious fruit as well as it has a crown on its head, so I believe that it is the king of fruits.


Generally, the color of pomegranate is distinctive red and the outer skin is leathery. It is round shape just like an apple but this is slightly bigger than the apple. It has a lot of arils inside that are filled with sweet and tart flavor.

While eating this fruit when the person bite its arils then it burst with juice, that provides a tasty refreshing taste. Pomegranate has a lot of benefits for health like it has vitamin C and variety of minerals.

Pomegranate contains a rich amount of antioxidants like punicalagins and anthocyanin. It is very much good for your heart and for your livers, it can make you safe from all kind of cancers. The most important benefit of pomegranate for health is that it will make a rich amount of blood in your body.


If you guys noticed that when someone suffers from any kind of blood problems then doctors suggests them to eat pomegranate in order to fulfill those requirements. One big advantage of this fruit is that you can also make its juice and the juice of pomegranate is much famous in beverages.

There are different varieties of pomegranate, each one has its unique taste and flavor. Some of the popular one's are Wonderful, Hakuho and Ambrosia. The best way to enjoy this fruit is to cut it and then take out its arils in a bowl and then start eating it. Whenever my mother asks me to bring some fruits, I must bring pomegranate because it is one of my favourite fruit.

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