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This is my post for #freewriters Monday prompt we know enough hosted by @mariannewest

Today was a long day. We had to go to the fish house and get ice. I do not think that I will ever get used to having to drive across town to a fish house but this is how things are done now so I need to get used to it.

After getting the ice we came back home to get the boat and put the ice in it. Then we drove to the boat ramp at Donald McDonald and put the boat in the water.

We took 12 clean pigfish traps with us because the last time they were run the hairy grass had already started growing on the ropes. If we do not swap them out for clean ones the hairy grass will get thick and so heavy that it will sink the buoys.

I bust the crabs into two pieces and put half of one in each trap.

My husband picks the traps up and dumps the bait into a pan, he then sorts out the ones that we fish with and throws the rest back into the river.

We ended up getting 290 bait, so after baiting we went up the creek to catch sailcats. After fishing for 2 hours and not catching much, my husband was ready to go home.

I told him that we know enough about them to know how to catch them if they will bite. He did not want to go back to where we had already tried but he did it anyway, I think just to humor me. He was not in a good mood but I had faith in what we know. One thing is they do not bite until late in the afternoon.

Between 2:30 and 3:00 o'clock they started biting, we have close to 200 pounds, we will weigh them in the morning. It was after 6 pm when we got home.

My husband apologized to me and told me that I was right. This made me feel good because I knew he did not think that we would catch anything, he said he was ready to go home by 11 am.

All photos are mine



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Yay!! I'm so glad he decided to humor you and you were rewarded 😀🥰.

YES!!! it does not happen often but I have it documented that it did happen once. LOL It is hard for two captains to be on one boat, but with fuel prices so high and fish prices so low, we have no choice.

I totally understand. 🥰