Yochimira the lotus flower saber

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I walk in the cold night and I appreciate by day the lotus flowers, where my soul and my saber become one as the wind that carries the memory of death, but my honor is expressed by each drop of blood that covers my saber for every life that challenges my honor, only samurai write chisel sword art without guilt only the ink of the words is dignity. My heart is not lost because of guilt, it is lost with pride, only a saber will take my life, as I have taken it from my opponents of this earthly paradise where the word is legends, peace not innate or vulgar is only built as one. society of my spiritual dwelling, where I am the lotus flower that fulfilled its destiny that moves away from the natural, but its beauty value of glory of a sun is appreciated beloved every morning of the meaning of my life.

My memories are clear with my death, my saber is my legacy and battle is my bravery that fulfills its honor of being a samurai, I stop the night where the wind carries my abode of peace, breath of respite from the mistrust of my shadow like the death that is behind my being, like a vulgar man with mistakes that changes my way of following. Only at the beginning of the path of fear and wolves full of fear that fills my tranquility with doubt, soon in time I will be that strong rooted tree that is always firm in the ground, no matter what happens I will continue to be strong to shade under a teaching of my life.

I am not afraid of loneliness but of my demons that I do not see face, but shadow of oblivion without prayers that bitter the earth, without looking back, since there is only one present for my saber and my peace, seeing the time and the past just imagining the future because I saw it as a story in my mind. If I die with honor, death does not embrace me, it only strips me of the earthly, joining peace as my soul that feeds the wind to the rising sun of a new tomorrow, like my new adventure.