5 Minute Freewrite (sick babies)

in Freewriterslast year

Health check
signs amiss
iv inserted
sensations wrong
seizures imminent
danger ensues
urgent entry
signs dropping
beeps intensify
family worries
angels hover
its time
heartbeats lessen
searing pain
seizures return
alertness returns
babies crying
sick babies
danger prevails
tough and go
vitals drop
monitors beep
baby improves
tears well
fear foreboding
precious moments
survival becomes
together forever
odds beaten
home bound
protection overload
fear returns
troubles ensue
times improve
survives hard times
years flow
a man-child
belief is surreal


Interesting presentation here, I like it! :)

Thank you. This poem is a blip of a hair raising time 22 yrs ago. Sometimes I still look upward in wonder, of why we were chosen to both survive.