Tues 5 Minute Freewrite (by pixiehunter)-Hello Boys

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As if we didn't know things could be any more stressful than they have been for the past few years. Life is getting harder to keep stress levels to a low number. All I can do is keep my chin up, even though I find myself slipping back down within a few weeks or so. I sure miss the easy life (or at least to me it was) when I worked as a trail guide in Yosemite Nt'l park. I miss it a lot and wish I could go back there to my horses and say "hello boys." There was no time to think about anything else when you worked around livestock, or led a group of riders on a 2 hour trail. You had to keep your head up and ear and eyes alert for possible dangers, such as a runaway horse, or a run-in with a bear. We didn't have any runaway horses, but we had our number of those who tried to brush riders off on a tree..........and that's all my little fingers got to type..

This handsome boy was my favorite. I miss him so much. When I left California, I wished I could have brought him with me, but he wasn't mine except during the time I worked as a trail guide. Broke my heart when I saw him treated poorly before my departure, because of a few disgruntled coworkers.
Thank you kindly for reading.


He is a fine looking horse, and he probably missed you too. You got a lot written in 5 minutes, keep up the good work! :)