Helplessness has covered my life.

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Hi friend's,
I am @rasel72. From #Bangladesh.

How are you all? Hope you all are well. I'm fine too. I appeared among you again with another new post of mine. Today I will share with you a story of my life Let's start-


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Some people in the world have a slightly different life path. I am one of them Being born in a lower middle class house, I have not been able to fulfill any hobby or hope in life yet Constantly having to fight with the situation to make the path of your life a little easier. When it became impossible for my father to bear the cost of my education and maintenance. Then I am trying to meet my own needs and expenses. Because, if I had looked at my father, today I would have been busy working as a daily wage worker. Busy I still am, but the reasons for being busy are different.

I am constantly working hard so that my education does not stop, so that I can do something good. I am in a very difficult situation especially financially. When my friends finish college, they go to the room in the afternoon to freshen up and chat or sleep. At that time, after finishing the class in college with them, I left for private teaching. Even if you don't want to after classes from morning, you have to do private lessons for 4/5 hours. After teaching, I come to the room every day before evening. I am enduring so much trouble just so that I can meet my own financial expenses, so that others do not need help.

Helplessness often changes people's lives. Most of these people choose bad ways to get rid of helplessness, but my case is completely different. I am moving forward in my life by dealing with the situation. I believe that Allah Ta'ala will surely give me the fruits of my suffering today. I hope for the gift given by Allah Ta'ala. As the month of Ramadan continues, where everyone spends the days relaxing from fasting, I spend the whole day away from home doing my studies and teaching my students.

Maybe many times students have to teach by saying the words forcefully on their body even if they don't have the will or ability to speak. Because, with this money, I pay for my studies, I try to provide for my family. May Allah always help us to deal with such situations with patience, I pray. See you again today with my new post.

Thank you all for reading my post today.