Good Enough | Freewrite Prompt : Thick Soup

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Author's note: I will be using @rbhayes account for my journey back into writing from hereon.
Another wild adventure... another daring escape

@mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2026. Prompt: thick soup

Ugh... she knew she shouldn't have had a bite out of that thick soup. If only she hadn't been caught wandering, having gotten lost in this blasted jungle!

She found herself coming to from the ground she lay on. She'd have chalked it up to her fainting from sheer exhaustion, really-- had there NOT been a crudely made "cage" that surrounded her!

Honestly though, did these barbarians think THIS would hold her???

Carefully and quietly making work of one side of her cage with the help of a cleverly tucked blade in her boot, when suddenly, "Hey! HEY LADY! I know you can hear me! A little help here? Please?"

Ah yes, the chad who'd offered to be her guide. Much good that came out of that one.

"Come on! I can still be good for something! I'm a big guy, I can help fight!"

"You'd be good as dead, really, if you asked me." She huffed, slinking pass the cage's gap she'd made for herself.

He was about to protest when she chose that moment to grab at the edge of his suspended enclosure and swing using all her weight.

"At least be a useful 'big guy' and do some of the work!" She grunted.

The ensuing crash may have been loud enough to gain their captors' attention, though she wasn't too eager to find out as they quickly but stealthily made a dash out of the clearing and into the dense forestry.

"Oh for the love of all that's holy!"

They made it out of the woods alright, but definitely found themselves at the edge of a cliff. Quite literally.

She didn't let her companion whine for much longer as she started to strap him in.

"What's this?" He'd asked, dumbstruck at having her too close.

"What does it look like?" She countered, strapping herself along before pulling them over the edge.

She would have messed with him a bit longer had he not been screaming her ear off, making her pull the cord.

"Do you at least know how to land a parachute?" She asked after a moment once he'd gone silent.

"I-- yes." His reply sounding like half of his life was shaved off him. She couldn't help but giggle.

"Now at least you're good for something."

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