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Author's note: I will be using @rbhayes account for my journey back into writing from hereon.
Baffling and inexplicable...

@mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2033. Prompt: bed hair

He knew something was odd about his newly purchased bed— Granted, only the mattress was new and the bed frame he’d bought at a garage sale sometime this week— still…

He pondered as he continued to observe his sleeping space. He had barely moved into the area, only prioritizing a proper bed since it would do no good for his back to sleep too close to the floor on such cold weather, so he was delighted with his purchase of the cheap bedframe. Still…

He cautiously stepped towards the bed, seeing the very strands that he once shrugged off as his imaginings, yet now he was certain— as he gingerly lifted one by his finger— that the bed hair was his. It just wasn’t the same length, it wasn’t even the same color! Still…

He was thankful for the past nights the bed had provided warmth, almost like a welcomed embrace on the nights he’d just lay still…

He was actually feeling the pull of sleep right now, calling to him as if a siren’s lullaby, and so there once again, he lay oh so still…

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Hello @rbhayes thank you for your free write today. It is very interesting and I'm wondering who this is talking about his hair in the bed. Good job! Barb 😊 !BBH !CTP