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Speed dating, anyone?

@mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2068: timetable

He had a timetable on waiting tables. Honestly, he was just always here for his tutoring side gigs, so how was he roped in on along with this speed dating event?

Truthfully, he saw this as a fun challenge and even took the opportunity to market himself as a freelance tutor, 'cuz his medical books wouldn't pay for themselves. Just ask a question and he'd do his best to give you an accurate answer while also making it a fun learning experience. So how was he left tongue tied now?

"So how does a first date go exactly?"

Gods knew it's been a while since he'd fancied a date himself, between double shifts and some odd side jobs to get himself through med school, he surprised himself by managing to stay afloat in this accidental speed dating event. So what really tickled his curiousity was how this pretty girl in front of him would pick that as her first question, she didn't look like the type to lack a line of dates to choose from...

"I'd say do something you both enjoy together, while getting to know the basics about each other." He'd thought that to be a good answer as any.

A sigh escaped his date's lips before he heard her grumble, "I was thinking along the lines of how to actually sabotage a first date, lest it escalate into an arranged marriage."

He blinked at that, at this day and age, he was mildly surprised those sort of setups were still a thing. Then again, after a quick once over at the girl in front of him, he'd deduced she might be an heiress of some sort, no matter how she hid behind a woolly turtleneck and plain plaid skirt.

"I'd garner you might as well just introduce someone you tolerate enough to bring to your family or whatnot. Something fun might actually turn out from playing into that cliché."

It was a cheeky reply which he couldn't help but deliver with a grin of his own, although he had the urge to stand his ground when the girl only stared back at him with her piercing eyes, she actually looked like she was considering his suggestion.

"Tell you what, why don't we skip the cliché and old traditions by having me propose to bring you in as my date this coming weekend." She slipped him a calling card over the table they stood by, and by gods was he right with his assumption of her being an heiress in the medical field that came with branches of the best-serving hospitals.

Him slightly left agape was enough for her to continue before their time together was up, "I've seen you around, heard those medical books won't be paying themselves. If you ever decide to accept my proposal, I promise to make it worth your while." She smiled at him prettily just as the signal went off for them to switch tables, but she only walked away after that, no longer interested in participating.

Took him a while too to get himself moving away from the tables, his legs suddenly felt like jelly, and he couldn't discern whether it was from standing too long or sheer nervousness that overtook him. One thing's for sure though, he definitely knew an opportunity when he saw one.

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Hello @rbhayes this was a very interesting and nice to read such a different topic as speed dating. Thank you. I wonder if he will contact this lady again or she will contact him again. Have a great weekend! Barb 😃 !BBH !CTP

Hello Barb! Thank you for always visiting my post. I'll see what comes up. Perhaps I can come up with a freewrite from the lady's pov next time around. 😉

You're most welcome @rbhayes No worries I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed reading it. If you can that's great and if you can't I'm sure it will be something wonderful for another story. 😊 !BBH !CTP

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