Riddle Me Thisss... | Freewrite Prompt : Bronze Door Knocker

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Image by Monique Moro from Pixabay

Author's note: I will be using @rbhayes account for my journey back into writing from hereon.
Enjoy this week's freewrite... sssssss

@mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2054. Prompt: bronze door knocker

Sweat dripped down to his chin, he'd hoped this was the last of his trials as his thighs ached from the strain of climbing up these never ending stairs. If it wasn't enough, his arms also felt sore from pushing about some life-sized cubes inside the maze he first encountered-- his whole body was in fact sore.

The only thing he was greatful for was his mental fortitude of wanting to see this through. It's not like he could go back. There was only the way forward.

And finally! He found himself kneeling on the landing signifying the last step, this was it! He raised his head expecting the usual set of double door-- only life wasn't giving him a break just yet as he was welcomed by what looked like a large, gleaming snake's head, in its wide open jaws hung a bronze door knocker.

Really, he was half expected to just pull on the knocker within his hands reach to get this over and done with, but the inanimate snake's head snapped its jowls close just as his fingers came too close and out into the thin air, the head seemed to hiss out a question-- no a riddle.

Was it really too simple for him to expect he could get out of these trials mentally unscathed too?

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Hello @rbhayes And is this any of the characters you were writing in the past about? This one is an interesting excerpt about a man in a maze that finally come to a snake head on a door asking him a question. Thank you and I hope to read more about this story. Have a great weekend! Barb 😊 !BBH !CTP

Hello Barb, thank you so much for visiting. Honestly, for now, I enjoy the freewrite format in that I could write snippets here and there. Hopefully, I could eventually come up with something more solid and complete. 😉🙏

Hello @rbhayes I completely understand. I'm happy that you are enjoying yourself with no pressure to write. I am not pressuring you, just making a comment. I totally understand. I enjoy your free writes. Have a great week ahead. 😊👍 !BBH !CTP

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