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Author's note: I will be using @rbhayes account for my journey back into writing from hereon.
Craving a good coffee blend or two...

7 September @mariannewest's Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2153: all the world’s a stage

You walked into the dimly lit establishment, the soft tinkling from the door's bell signaling your entry as you breath in the cacophony of scents that greeted you, but mostly, it was the strong hint of coffee beans that had you eagerly stepping towards the counter.

Another customer in front of you gave the perfect opportunity to look around the quaint space as you took in several faces of its clientele-- it may be a surprise to some that it was the people with a serious countenance on their faces who had toppings of whipped cream on top of their cups, while the ones who you'd think otherwise? Well, that looked like an angry shot of expresso after the other.

It didn't take long before it was your turn to order as you heard, "All the world's a stage, but here at Morpheus you can pick your own. So what specialty will it be today?"

Behind the barista, you spotted the colorful swirls of liquid inside their transparent cannisters just ready to be mixed in with your daily dose of caffeine, you couldn't help the giddy smile that crossed your lips.

This was truly the coffee house of dreams. ☕️

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Hello @rbhayes raincrystal! I love this story about the delicious coffee with whipped cream on top of it! The coffee house or your dreams sounds so awesome! When you said the name Morpheus I thought you were going to go down a rabbit hole from the coffee house 😂😂😂 Have a great weekend! Barb !BBH !CTP

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