Choose Wisely!

Hey guys,

Hoping everyone to be very well and doing good in life. Recently, I have been through a very positive change in life so I thought of sharing the experience here with you. The pure intention of writing this article is to explain how you can make some beautiful change in someone else’s life.

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my friends after a very long and tiring weekend. We all were in a very relaxed mood and were having a very light conversation about how each one of us were planning our next year to be. I was surprised to know that many of my friends were planning to get married this year and there were certainly several weddings to come. Indian marriages are lavish, we have a lot of rituals to follow and people here start their new lives with the blessings of God and elders.

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Anyway, one of my friends, Aditi, was sitting quietly in the corner, no one noticed but she had not eaten even a pea sized bite of her burger. So, I asked her slightly without drawing the attention of others as to what happened to her. She had been engaged to her boyfriend, which she was really happy about but we all have noticed this change in her of lately. After a lot of interrogation, she told me that she is really stressed about her looks as she is a little chubby to fit in the image of a perfect Indian bride. She further told me how her family is pressuring her to lose the excess amount of weight, by hook or by crook.

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After listening to her problem my first question to her was what was Sameer’s stand in the complete situation. She told me how absolutely amazing a person he is and how her being fat or slim, thick or thin and dark or fair does not matter to him. She told me that he and his family both had told her not to worry about any such thing and enjoy all the festivities. She further explained that this whole trauma of losing weight was self made and family pressure.

As a good friend I supposed it to be my responsibility to tell her the truth and make a way for better. I said “See, losing weight is good but it is not a mandate to look pretty as a bride. It is appreciated that you want to look better on your big day but this is a myth that you will look good only if you slim up, believe me, you are going to look gorgeous because of the real happiness that you have inside which will brighten up your face.”

I continued “I don't know if your face is going to be slim till that day or not but it is definitely going to shine like a beautiful star after you see the love of your life standing right there for you, ready to take vows to spend all his life with you. Another fact is that you can’t lose weight by starving yourself and stressing about losing weight. So, just relax and don’t make losing weight a goal for your big day just go with the flow and set the target of being the happiest person on earth on that day”

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It made me glad that she understood that and I could see the real happiness in her eyes. Ultimately, I have only one thing to say: appreciate the happiness in life and don’t let these little stresses ruin them because the time that has passed will never return. There are several sorts of people who are going to love you, no matter what happens. They are always going to support you and hold your back until you are strong enough to handle it alone but then there are definitely some who are always going to be mean to you and judge you even for the best you have done. So it is up to you as to who you are going with and it is always a wise decision to choose the former.

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Good day guys!! Love you all!!


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