Babysitting and Gardening : Daily freewrite day 1743 prompt: ticked off

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Summer is flying by so quickly! I suppose I could get ticked off about that, but I'm not going to bother. I've been warned many times that time flies by faster and faster the older one gets, and that is proving to be entirely true. So there's no point in getting uptight about it; it's going to happen, and I might as well take it in stride.

My youngest daughter had yet another pelvic laparoscopy this past week, so I've been spending a few days with her, making sure she eats and takes her medications, and I've been taking care of her baby. She's not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds after her surgery, and that sweet little baby weighs at least 20 pounds.

I don't mind taking care of the baby at all. She is largely easy-going, usually takes naps nicely and usually goes to bed without a big fuss at night, unless she is overly tired. She crawls with great speed now, and pulls herself up on furniture and whatever else she can get hold of. I have to keep a close eye on her, because she can get into trouble really fast.

The raspberries are just beginning to ripen, and I hope to be done babysitting in time to begin the harvest when they are ready. It should be a couple more days before they really kick into gear. There are just a few blueberries on our small bushes, and only 2 or 3 berries are beginning to turn purple at this point. The squash plants are growing nicely, and even my little bitty cucumber plants are doing well. I just don't know if they will get a chance to produce any cucumbers this year, because they got such a late start.

Time's up!

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Prayers for your daughter to heal up quickly! I love raspberries, too. Growing up, we had two rows of raspberries and mom would send me out to pick them. I loved her jam! I hope you can get home quick enough to get your harvest.

I am home now, and plan to check the patch early tomorrow morning. There were only a few when I was home on Sunday, so maybe there will be enough to really pick tomorrow.

Congratulations on the new grandbaby. I hope your daughter is getting better. Yes, I have found time to be flying faster than it used to. Do you have cucumber sex? lol that is what I call it when you take the male flower and peel away the petals leaving the center and rub it into a female flower.

I've never tried that. Does it help noticeably with cucumber production?

I think it does.