Sipping Coffee - Today's Freewrite Prompt Day 1136

Oddly enough, I ran across this prompt while sipping coffee! For some folks that probably isn't very unusual, but I don't drink coffee very often. I am a tea drinker, preferably black tea, varieties like English Breakfast Tea, Irish breakfast Tea, Yorkshire Gold, and such. If I use tea bags, I prefer Good Earth or Constant Comment. Recently I was introduced to another teabag tea called Christmas in Paris, and I really like that one, too.

But back to the subject of coffee. My parents weren't coffee drinkers, so I didn't grow up with it. I used to try a little at church socials now and then, and thought it was awful. Once coffee stands became common, and flavored lattes were a "thing", I tried one of those now and then. Not too bad after all.

Then my son took up drinking coffee. I love the smell of it, so I started joining him for half a cup or so now and then, and sometimes, depending on what kind he is using, it actually tastes ok when black! I am quite astonished to discover that I no longer completely dislike coffee. I still prefer tea, but coffee is now an option for me.

Sipping coffee or sipping tea, either one is especially pleasant on a chilly winter day, in the company of a good friend, and especially if there are warm cookies to go with it. Hmm, now I think I better bake cookies this afternoon. There's still time!


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very nice to read about your coffee journey and how you have come to not dislike it. I discovered that I like it in my adult years. Now, I simply limit myself to one mug a day. 😉👍🏼

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Very nice ... your coffee-drinking journey is not too different from mine ... wasn't exposed early, came to it later in the age of lattes and flavors, like it black too, but still prefer spiced tea!

Glad to know I'm not the only one!! Ha ha!

Glad to know I'm not the only one!! Ha ha!