A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Contest # 1: Enola Holmes Back to Home after 4 Years

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Frame from movie Enola Holmes in 00:07:03h Imagine this house after 4 years without human touch

Chemical bottles covered with dust, white curtain, windows covered with spider webs, green color outside! Signs of alone.. Signs of breakaway... Someone has left in an undesired moment!

Truly from the first sight, one thing came to my mind. ENOLA HOLMES!

If you have watched Enola Holmes, you may remember the moment, that Enola's Mother went away, on her 16th birthday without telling her. She called her brothers Sherlock and Mycroft to help her. ENOLA means ALONE in reverse. She is more alone without her mother. Enola left the home.

Look at the following scene, 00:07:51h th frame. I feel, the photo that @martinelch captured can be the "photo after 4 years from from where Enola left the home".

Frame from movie Enola Holmes in 00:07:51h : Look at the window behind Enola

In the movie, she moved to London and started living there ALONE. So I decided to tell a poem based on where the movie stopped! Imagine Enola is right in front of the window which in the photo by @martinelch.

Enola Back to Home Home after 4 Years

I am a grown lady..
Who can take care of my self
I remember the lessons...
You taught me in front of this window
I left everything as it is..
From where you stopped
Our fingerprints covered with dust..
Footprints are gone
But ENOLA is still ALONE..
With memories of MOM"

Frame from movie Enola Holmes in 00:47:49h : Enola doing chemical lessons with her mother

This is my blog for A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Contest # 1 by @freewritehouse . Images are taken as screenshots from movie Enola Holmes 2020


Love your spin on the pic
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