5 Minute Freewrite - Massive Security Danger

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Hey you readers and writers, welcome to another short story made by me in just a few minutes. As usual, I stumbled upon @mariannewest blog and hew proposition for weekend writing prompt.

You or we, get to choose a subject and I chose Massive Security Danger, because I was inspired by some recent events. Make sure to also visit @freewritehouse for more fun and information.

Let's dive right in!


Droplets were covering the freshly cut lawn, each one shining like a pearl scattered on the scarlet green grass. Reflecting the warm, late summer morning sun, making little rainbows in the air. Small feet started running through it, with enormous amount of energy and happiness, maybe combination of the two, making the smell travel through air even faster than usual. This moment, his little feet, warm sun and smell of the grass is all I ever needed to have the perfect morning.

Sky was clear and somehow almost unnaturally blue, a few foamy clouds here and there, but nothing that would make a slightest shadow. Tree whispered in the wind, calling us to it's quiet shadow to join the crickets that were waking up as well.


I closed my eyes, for what seemed like an eternity, but actually it was a second, to take a sip of warm coffee and make this moment even better. But that second was roughly interrupted by a loud, familiar sound. Being a child of war, that second was more than enough to recognize the sound of airplanes and choppers. Deafening humming from the motors left me confused for too long it seems. I knew something was not right, they were flying too near the ground and in a group.

I turned around to call out for my husband, but the noise from the sirens overpowered my voice with ease. My heart began beating faster, taking the blood right out of my legs and in to my ears, making the noise even worse. The little one stood frozen in fear.

What can it be, thoughts running through my head, while I tried to grab the child and comfort him at the same time.

"It's nothing, don't worry baby"

I said, but tears began to blurry my vision when an announcement came through the air, like an arrow. We had 15 minutes to pack what we must, and go. But why and where? What could it be this time?

We survived the war, the hunger, plague and pandemic. What sort of danger can be that great to evacuate whole nation. I didn't have an answer and I had no time to lose. I grabbed a bag and started frantically putting everything in it, that I could think of. Documents, money, water, some food. Who knows how long this will take. Loading the car and get in the line with others.


"I forgot to lock the house!"

I remembered too late, the line was too big to turn around, and somehow I knew that it didn't even matter, I knew I will never see it again.

I looked in the rear mirror one last time, the lawn was still glistening in sun, butterflies carried by the wind flew around the flowers, as if the world wasn't ending right that moment.

With love,