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I Feel so great to participate in this contest, thanks to @faith65 for the invite though it was late but i'm grateful and special thanks to the sponsors @freewritehouse, @mariannewest and others. Please pardon me if my entry is late, I'm sorry.


My Description
What i see; An abandoned room with a dirty old window covered with cobweb, a dusty curtain, a table filled with containers, metal item, and nylon, also an abandoned field.

What i feel; forgotten, creepy.

Here's my entry.

Ben, Dave and Chris had all agreed to go camping like they always did. But unlike other times, today's camping was going to be different, the boys were planning on making sure Dave didn't return a virgin. So they had made plans to bring some girls along for the trip.

They all packed their bags and placed it into the van as they zoomed off. One could tell that they were all excited for what was going to go down tonight. The anticipation was well written on all of their faces but Dave was the happiest, he was finally going to be a man and Ben would no longer be able to mock him for being a virgin.

They got to their destination some few minutes past six and quickly set up their tents. Three tents for three boys and three girls. Unlike the rest of the guys, Chris wasn't so hyped up about the whole thing, so Ben had joked about taking Chris girl for himself if he wasn't in the mood. The girls had laughed at his joke but the boys knew he meant it, he was a sex freak.

Few minutes past seven, it was beginning to get dark and the boys decided to gather some woods to make some fire. They had done nothing since their arrival other than to fill their stomach with beers. Dave was the first to go search for woods, he knew what came next after the fires were lit and he couldn't wait.

Fifteen minutes gone and Dave wasn't back. It was beginning to get real dark and the boys were getting worried. They both decided to go search for him while the ladies waited behind. They handed the girls some torchlight before going in search for him.

“Dave!!!” Chris called out but got no response.

“Fool probably got cold feet and ran back to the van” Ben said.

“To the van? It's too dark for anyone to find their way back to the van. We're in the woods remember?” Chris said and suddenly stopped, he had stepped on something squishy. He slowly brought the torchlight to his foot and couldn't believe what he saw. It was like a surgery was carried out and the doctor just decided to leave every of the organs outside of the body, outside of Dave's body.

Ben was the first to run and Chris followed closely behind him. Whatever it was that had done that to Dave, they were sure it was closeby and they weren't ready to meet it yet.

Chris was still running when he suddenly ran into Ben.

“Dude! Why did you stop so suddenly, You almost..” Then he saw it too. Laying on the floor, feasting on the remains of the girls was a woman who they were sure wasn't just any kind of woman. Chris voice had drawn its attention to them and she was staring at them now with one of the ladies intestines in-between her mouth. This time, Chris was the first to run as it came after them.

Even though they didn't know where they were running to, anywhere far away from that thing was the best. Chris could never forget the look on her face as she feasted on the girls. It reminded him of the Annabelle doll.

They were still on the run when Chris sighted a cabin up ahead and ran towards it direction. He got to cabin first before Ben and ran inside, waiting for Ben to come in before he shut the door. Ben was about five feet away from the cabin when a sudden force blew him away. Chris attempted going for him when all of a sudden the cabin closed with so much force that it startled him. He immediately moved backwards, his hands searching frantically for anything he could use as a weapon but all he saw was empty cans here and there. The cabin looked like it had been abandoned for years, cobwebs filled the whole place. Chris was still moving backwards, his eyes fixed on the cabin door when he suddenly heard movement behind him.

He immediately turned around and couldn't believe what he saw. Staring back at him with bloods dripping out of its mouth was no other person but himself. And before he could do anything, the creature attacked himself and then he woke up.

“Jesus Christ!!!” Chris sighed, realizing it was all a bad dream, then his phone started ringing. It was Ben, his friend.

“Hello Ben, I just had the weirdest dream ever”

Ben sighed. “Yeah yeah yeah.. Get dressed, we're going camping”

Special thanks to @martinelch for the picture, I'll like to invite @bruno-kema to join the contest.
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Wow. Wow!!! This is amazing for real. I was engrossed in every line, I mean I could feel myself in the woods with the boys too😅 Wonderful storyline. Although I was getting cold with all that was happenings in the woods. Hahahha. No I'm not scared. Lol. I love this.

I'm sorry I've been quite busy and didn't get the chance to read this earlier. Forgive me. And congratulations, the freewritehouse sent all participants some HBI. I'm glad you sent an entry.

Lol, she's scared 😂😂

I'm you liked it, Thanks dear😊

Hehehe you're welcome.
Meanwhile, can you help me get into the terminal discord? Maybe a link

Hahahahm... The phone call he got from Ben after waking up from the sleep came at a very perfect timing and I'm already imagining what his response to Ben would be when Ben asked him to prepare for the party.

I'm very sure that no amount of cajole or caricature will make anyone that experienced this dream to step into the van all in the name of going to drop himself for a bloodbath.

Loll... This is an amazing write up.
Well Done Bro

He won't thinking of going to camping again..
Thanks so much, i'm glad you liked it.