A simple trick to create your new reality

I recently learned of a simple trick that could help you to change your reality.

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This trick has been followed by regular people as well as millionaires alike.

I was reading this book "The 10X Rule" by Grant Cardone recently during my travels.

It was a short book but in it he has given priceless info when it comes to achieving success in every aspect of your life.

A powerful idea that he suggests is to take a pen and notepad and write down your goals everyday in the morning after waking up and in the night before going to bed.

This engraves the idea deeply in your subconscious mind and it starts working towards those goals every moment of the day.

The second trick is called 100 Days Challenge.

Here, you write down your goal 100 times per day for a hundred days.

I learned this trick from a guy called Minpak on Youtube recently.

Before learning this from his video, I had already tried this five years ago with regards to my income and it actually worked.

I used to write "X income/month" in a diary on a daily basis.

After 3 years, I actually got the exact same amount salary offer from a job.

Yes, it took a bit of time because my actions were slower.

But, ever since I started taking rapid action towards my goals, I have started getting quicker results.

Action precedes every kind of success, always.

But to take inspired action towards your goals,the writing down of your goals a hundred times focuses your mind on one thing.

This will then lead to action in that direction automatically.

After a certain period of taking action, results start appearing.

If you are consistent during this phase, then you start seeing massive results- snowball effect or compound effect.

So, yes, give this a shot.

  1. Write your goals down everyday in the morning, after waking up and in the night before bed.
  2. Practice the 100 Days Challenge.

Do these two and you will get the power to manufacture your own reality.



This is a highly educative post @wandereronwheels. I will certainly try out the every day writing down of daily post thing, I believe it will go a long way helping me out. Thank you so much @wandereronwheels

Good luck man. Wish you the best for turning all your dreams into a reality.

Thank you so much once again @wandereronwheels

Nice advice and suggestions, I think its will need discipline to do that

It is definitely worth doing on a regular basis to get good results.